Joe Biden said two words about Donald Trump in private that will put your jaw on the ground

Michael Stokes, CC BY 2.0,, via Wikimedia Commons

There is little love lost between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

The Democrat President’s true feelings are now out in public.

And Joe Biden said two words about Donald Trump in private that will put your jaw on the ground.

According to Politico, President Joe Biden regularly curses former President Donald Trump in private, telling his advisors that Trump is a “sick f**k.”

“What a f**king a**hole the guy is,” Biden allegedly ranted, per Politico.

Politico claimed that Biden’s ire grew out of Democrats’ fabricated narrative that Trump is a wannabe autocrat who encourages political violence.

The Trump campaign responded by mocking the unhinged Biden.

“It’s a shame that Crooked Joe Biden disrespects the presidency both publicly and privately,” Trump campaign senior adviser Chris Lacivita told Politico. “But then again, it’s no surprise he disrespects the 45th president the same way he disrespects the American people with his failed policies.”

But in many ways, this is no laughing matter.

President Biden has delivered multiple speeches attacking Trump and those who vote for him as so-called “enemies of the state” and “threats to democracy.”

Of course, based on the available evidence, if anyone is threatening to impose autocracy on America, it’s Biden and his fellow Democrats.

Uniformed marines flanked Biden during a September 1, 2022, speech in Philadelphia, in order to give uninformed Americans the impression that the U.S. military endorsed Democrats’ declaration that Trump and his supporters somehow represented a “threat to democracy.”

Biden is also the one who tasked his Justice Department with arresting his biggest political rival in order to clear his path to re-election.

According to President Biden, Trump is also supposedly guilty of inciting political violence.

That is a case of more projection.

It was a supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders (Socialist-VT) who attempted to assassinate 20 Republican Members of Congress in 2017.

Black Lives Matter and Antifa burned down American cities in the summer of 2020.

An anti-Second Amendment radical carried out a mass shooting at a bank in Louisville in the hopes of spurring action on Democrats’ gun control plan.

A 41-year-old Biden supporter in North Dakota ran over and killed a 18-year-old kid with his car shortly after the Democrat President gave that aforementioned September 2022 speech, claiming that he feared the kid was one of those “Republican extremists” Biden and Democrats had warned him about.

And a Biden supporter tried to murder Justice Brett Kavanaugh in his home as revenge for the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

Joe Biden wants this story out there because he can’t campaign on his record, and the only card he has to play is trying to frighten Americans into thinking Donald Trump returning to the White House would mean chaos, rampant political violence, and the end of elections in America.

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