Joe Biden really doesn’t want you to see this presidency-ending poll

Reality is sinking in for Joe Biden.

His life is falling apart.

And he really doesn’t want you to see this presidency-ending poll.

Joe Biden claims to have been elected with the most votes in U.S. history in 2020.

But millions of Americans have serious doubts about that.

And as time goes by, their doubts continue to be validated by the fact that Americans are not standing with Biden.

His approval rating has been showing a consistent downward trend since he took office.

At the start, it was clear that many Americans were at least willing to give him a chance.

But over time, Biden has continued to show that he is not competent enough to hold the office he does.

He proved that unequivocally in recent weeks with his handling of the Afghanistan troop withdrawal.

While Donald Trump had an actual plan, with conditions that had to be met by the Taliban, Biden chose to rush his withdrawal for political reasons, so he could get a good photo-op on the 20th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

And that resulted in the withdrawal failing so badly that not only did the Taliban seize control of Afghanistan in less than a week, they were able to seize billions of dollars in U.S. military equipment.

Biden is trying to rewrite history in real-time and claim that it was actually a success.

But a new poll from Morning Consult/POLITICO proves that the American people aren’t buying it.

The poll shows that only 24 percent of Americans believe that Biden did a good job with his withdrawal.

When asked simply, “How well, if at all, do you think the withdrawal of U.S. military presence in Afghanistan is going?”:

8 percent responded: very well

16 percent responded: somewhat well

23 percent responded: not too well

44 percent responded: not well at all

Also, when respondents were asked, “Do you believe the U.S. should still withdraw its military presence in Afghanistan if it means . . . the Taliban regains control of most of Afghanistan?”:

22 percent responded: yes, definitely should still withdraw

25 percent responded: yes, probably should still withdraw

17 percent responded: no, probably should not still withdraw

22 percent responded: no, no, definitely should not still withdraw

Biden’s handling of Afghanistan is more incompetent than anybody expected from him, which says a lot considering most Americans don’t trust Biden already.

Many believe that Biden needs to resign, or be impeached for his failure.

But others disagree simply on the fact that Kamala Harris would replace him.

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