Joe Biden is bragging about the terrible thing he did to one Supreme Court nominee

Joe Biden has been a loathsome politician for a long time.

His mishandling of the country should not have come as a surprise to anyone.

Now Biden is bragging about the terrible thing he did to one Supreme Court nominee.

Democrats continue to screech over the Supreme Court leak of a draft opinion that likely signals the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

The unprecedented leak, presumably committed by a leftist court clerk, is the most disturbing effort in a long line of actions by the Democrats to politicize the Supreme Court.

For the first time in history, a draft opinion was leaked well in advance of its final release in an attempt to fuel outrage among the pro-abortion contigent.

And this intense politicization of the court started 35 years ago with Joe Biden.

After news of the leak and the imminent reversal of Roe, Biden said before a press gaggle, “It’s the main reason why I worked so hard to keep Robert Bork off the Court.”

Back in 1987, then-Senator Biden worked with Ted Kennedy, the so-called “Lion of the Senate,” to scuttle the nomination of Judge Robert Bork.

Prior to the Bork confirmation process, justices were selected based on their legal qualifications and were routinely confirmed with zero objections.

For example, the year prior, Antonio Scalia was confirmed 98-0.

Bork, an esteemed legal mind who graduated from the University of Chicago, was supremely qualified, but the Democrats did not want another staunch conservative on the bench.

Bork was horribly maligned by the Left, and he was not confirmed by the Senate.

Ronald Reagan later appointed Anthony Kennedy, who was no stalwart, and he was confirmed 97-0.

The sham process gave birth to the term “Borking,” a strategy that was again used by the Democrats – albeit this time unsuccessfully – when Clarence Thomas was nominated by George H.W. Bush.

Thomas was smeared with dubious sexual harassment claims at the eleventh hour, but he refused to back out of the process – he was narrowly confirmed 52-48.

Democrats used the tactic again to destroy Brett Kavanaugh, who was slandered with the most disgusting accusations imaginable.

Democrats portrayed him as a drunken gang rapist, but he, too, refused to buckle under the smear campaign.

Kavanaugh passed through with a slim 50-48 vote.

If the Democrats complain about the Supreme Court process being deeply politicized, they can thank Joe Biden for that.

He started this mess decades ago, and the Supreme Court leaker took it to an unforeseen low.

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