Jaws dropped when a liberal comedian used this one word to describe reporters at The New York Times

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The Left is pushing their woke transgender agenda on children in schools all across America.

It’s gotten so bad that even some leftists are now mocking the insanity. 

And jaws dropped when a liberal comedian used this one word to describe reporters at The New York Times.

In January, The New York Times published a surprising report exposing how school officials across the country are helping minor children change their gender behind their parents’ backs.

Transgender activists and left-wing Hollywood celebrities are infuriated at The Times for even giving the other side a “platform.”

The Times has repeatedly platformed cisgender (non-transgender) people spreading inaccurate and harmful misinformation about transgender people and issues,” one petition against The Times read. “This is damaging to the paper’s credibility.”

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s Real Time, host Bill Maher called out left-wing reporters at The New York Times, which he said “is not a balanced place.”

Maher is known for calling out the Left’s transgender insanity in schools as well as being a critic of cancel culture.

“[T]hey presented the other side — shall we say — in the trans debate, and they’re a very woke newspaper now, and so, there was a huge pushback internally,” Maher said about Hollywood celebrities Judd Apatow, Lena Dunham, and other transgender activists who are attacking The Times over its coverage of transgender children.

The transgender activists are outraged over the article published by The Times in January.

Maher said that most of the staff are so left-wing that “a lot of the — I think a majority of the people who work at The Times basically said, we can’t even present this other side.”

“And the other side is not crazy,” Maher said about those who oppose the Left’s grooming. “We’re talking about something that is very new, we’re talking about something that involves children, we’re talking about something that involves permanently disfiguring your body or changing your body, which has great ramifications for your physical health in general.”

Fortunately, The Times pushed back and rejected the demands of the left-wing activists in the newsroom.

But as Maher pointed out, this “just shows you what the newsroom is today . . . and it is not a balanced place.”

Of course, the majority of Americans share Maher’s sentiment about the bias at The New York Times.

More Americans than ever now see through the media’s phony narratives and false reporting.

And major papers like The New York Times are losing their influence over the American public.

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