Gavin Newsom is inviting kids to do this insane thing in his state

The gap in mentality and policy between red states and blue states grows with every passing day.

California, perhaps, represents the state that has moved to the most radical corner of the Left.

And now, Gavin Newsom is going so far to invite children in red states to come to California to do this one insane thing.

Gavin Newsom is spending tax dollars to run ads in red states like Florida and Texas, trying to lure residents to move to California.

In the ads, Newsom claims that while the red states are “stifling freedom,” the Golden State is expanding rights.

And in some ways, that is true.

For example, the California legislature is currently considering legislation that would make them a sanctuary state for gender reassignment surgeries for young minors.

If passed, the bill would block courts from enforcing out-of-state orders revoking custody for parents allowing their kids to get illegal sex changes.

The measure also weakens parental rights for moms and dads who prefer to affirm their child’s actual gender as opposed to letting them have a sex-change operation before the child has even learned long division.

The California bill gives teachers and other officials more power to set up irreversible gender reassignment surgeries without approval from the parents.

In fact, under the legislation, school administrators wouldn’t even be required to notify the parents it was happening.

The bill was introduced by Democrat State Representative Scott Weiner of San Francisco.

The gay legislator may be the most woke of any politician in the country.

Along with this new bill, Rep. Weiner has previously succeeded in getting a law passed to end automatic sex offender registry list sentencing of LGBTQ people convicted of statutory rape of minors.

Weiner claimed the old sex offender law was “homophobic.”

Thanks to Weiner, California judges now have complete discretion over sex-offender registration in all cases involving voluntary intercourse between teenagers ages 14 to 17 — who cannot legally consent — and adults less than 10 years older than them.

So yes, in the Golden State, a 24-year-old can potentially get away with having sex with a 14-year-old, as long as it’s gay sex.

But Weiner’s hit list doesn’t end there.

He also led the charge to remove the felony penalty for gay men to knowingly have unprotected sex without notifying their partners they have HIV.

Keep in mind, while medical advancements for people with HIV have come a long way, it can be a fatal disease – and is incredibly transmissible through anal sex.

Again, thanks to Weiner, instead of facing felony charges and 3 to 8 years in prison for knowingly infecting someone with HIV – it is now simply misdemeanor carrying a maximum sentence of 6-month in prison.

Will Gavin Newsom include these laws in the next ad he runs in a red state?

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