Franklin Graham issued a dire warning about this growing threat facing Christians

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Reverend Franklin Graham is worried about the state of the country.

He told Christians that they needed to be prepared.

And Franklin Graham issued a dire warning about this growing threat facing Christians.

Hostility toward Christianity is on the rise as America becomes more secular.

After the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in 2022, angry left-wing protesters vandalized churches.

Churches across the country became targets for the Left.

Attacks against churches are on the rise

The Family Research Council released its annual report on Hostility Against Churches, which revealed some alarming numbers.

In 2023, the report found there were 436 hostile incidents against churches, more than double what it found in 2022.

That’s more than eight times the amount as 2018 when the Family Research Council first began publishing the report.

Vandalism was the most common hostile incident against churches but the report found “135 arson attacks or attempts, 22 gun-related incidents, 32 bomb threats, and 61 other incidents (assault, threats, interruption of worship services, etc.),” over the last six years.

Franklin Graham warns about the rise of socialism

Reverend Franklin Graham told Fox News Digital that the “disdain” for Christians is growing in American society with the rise of socialism.

“As we see an increase in those promoting socialism in this country, we also see growing disdain for things of the church,” Graham said. “Socialism is anti-God—history shows us that. In Eastern Europe and countries like Cuba and Venezuela, churches have been persecuted and pastors have been jailed and even killed. We should beware.”

The education system is indoctrinating students with far-left ideologies, which is making them more hostile to Christianity according to Graham.

“The socialist agenda is also being pushed by many schools and universities,” Graham continued. “These institutions are impregnating the minds of the next generation with anti-Christian and anti-God messaging. While this should concern all of us—and we should use our votes to reject any semblance of socialism in America—it is not going to stop me from taking a stand for Jesus Christ.”

Harvest Christian Fellowship Pastor Greg Laurie said that hostility against Christians is growing across the world.

“Without question. Hostility toward Christians has increased,” Laurie said. “Christians are the most persecuted group in the world. The Bible tells us we will see more persecution in the end times, which I believe we are in.”

Christians will have to stand firm in their faith as the secular Left continues its assault on American society.

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