Fox News made a major concession to Joe Biden after this secret meeting with Jen Psaki

Joe Biden and his allies expect every media outlet to fall in line with the administration’s talking points and narratives.

Fox News Channel was the lone holdout.

And Fox News made a major concession to Joe Biden after this secret meeting with Jen Psaki.

Joe Biden and his handlers have long resented the fact that Fox News was the one corporate-controlled media outlet that critically covered the Biden administration.

Multiple reports revealed that Joe Biden actually believes the reason his poll numbers tanked is because the corporate-controlled press does not promote enough of the administration’s propaganda.

Instead of taking responsibility for failures on the border, crime, inflation, Afghanistan, and the supply chain, the Biden administration sought more North Korean-style state media coverage of the President’s so-called “achievements.”

To that end, then-Press Secretary Jen Psaki met with Fox News Digital’s Porter Berry before she left the administration.

In the meeting, Psaki dangled more exclusives for Fox News Digital in exchange for more favorable coverage of the administration.

POLITICO reports:

Before she left the White House last month, former White House press secretary JEN PSAKI met privately with Fox News digital chief PORTER BERRY to discuss the website’s portrayal of the administration, two people with knowledge told POLITICO. When he was the chief spokesperson for the Pentagon, JOHN KIRBY also regularly corresponded with Fox News’ D.C. bureau chief over items on the site.

But the White House has also dangled various carrots for the network, including exclusives for its digital reporters.

Psaki dangling incentives appears to have paid off, as subsequently ran several op-eds promoting the administration’s agenda.

POLITICO also reports:

Earlier this year, JILL BIDEN co-authored an op-ed on the Fox News website advocating for better government support for military families. She also called for “greater respite, relief, and emergency financial support to struggling families” and children who often help take care of American service members returning from combat overseas.

On Thursday, the site also published an opinion piece by former Alabama senator DOUG JONES advocating for the confirmation of STEVE DETTLEBACH, the administration’s nominee to lead the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.

CNN and MSNBC already serve as state TV for the Biden administration.

Fox News is expected to push back on the administration’s narratives and not needlessly promote Joe Biden’s propaganda.

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