Far-left goons who targeted the Supreme Court just got some bad news

    Democrats are behaving like spoiled children.

    They throw a tantrum whenever they don’t get their way politically.

    And far-left goons who targeted the Supreme Court just got some bad news.

    The Democrats have been stuck in a fit of rage ever since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade with the Dobbs v. Jackson decision.

    The abortion questions goes back to the individual states, yet Democrats are intentionally spreading the lie that abortion has been banned nationwide and The Handmaid’s Tale is right around the corner.

    Ever since Justice Samuel Alito’s draft opinion initially leaked, far-left activists have congregated outside the homes of the conservative justices in contravention of federal law.

    One deranged leftist even tried to assassinate Justice Brett Kavanuagh.

    And the authorities will finally enforce disturbing the peace laws against protesters outside the homes of justices.

    Fox 5 DC reported that “the Montgomery County Police Department added protest and disorderly conduct laws to the front page of their website Wednesday amid calls to tighten security around Supreme Court Justices’ houses in the area…The county’s existing laws have drawn attention recently after weeks of protests outside the homes of justices. Police say demonstrators have been disturbing neighbors by bringing drums and bullhorns to the protests. Supreme Court Marshal Gail Curley sent two letters — one addressed to Gov. Larry Hogan and another to Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich — demanding that authorities put an end to picketing and ‘threatening activity’ outside the homes of SCOTUS justices.”

    It only took several months, two letters from the Supreme Court marshal, and one assassination attempt to force left-wing protesters to be a little bit quieter.

    They’re still allowed to be there, but they cannot use bullhorns and other loud noises.

    The Left are driven by the teachings of neo-Marxist professor Herbert Marcuse, who was one of the seminal figures of the Frankfurt School, a consortium of communist intellectuals who fled Europe ahead of World War II and settled in America.

    They set out to usher in a communist takeover of America through culture because economic Marxism had failed in the west.

    Marcuse wrote an essay called “Repressive Tolerance” in 1965, which essentially argued that there must not be tolerance for the intolerant.

    So in his view, all movements from the Left must be tolerated, and no movements from the Right can be tolerated.

    Decades later, that is why The New York Times barely bats an eye when a deranged leftist tries to kill a Supreme Court justice or Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists can burn down the country with impunity for months.

    But if one right-winger tweets an offensive joke, the entire media goes into meltdown mode.

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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