Far-left Democrat said it’s “un-American” to criticize one Biden failure

The entire Democratic machine is mobilized behind Joe Biden.

Democrats and their media allies are making excuses for his numerous blunders.

And a far-left Democrat said it’s “un-American” to criticize one Biden failure.

Joe Biden’s first 14 months in office have been worse than even his harshest critics could have imagined.

Donald Trump rightly predicted that gas would hit $7 per gallon on Biden’s watch, but nobody expected two separate foreign policy calamities.

The jaw-dropping gas price hikes have been particularly devastating for Americans, but Democrats don’t want anyone to point the finger at Biden.

And Washington state Congresswoman Kim Schrier believes it’s “un-American” to blame Biden for the budding energy crisis.

During an interview, Schrier said, “You should be blaming Putin if anybody for this…To not blame Putin…first of all is denying reality, and second, frankly, I think is un-American.”

While Vladimir Putin’s horrific invasion of Ukraine has exacerbated the cost of gas, Biden’s nonsensical energy policies put the country in a precarious position in the first place.

The price of gas has steadily risen ever since Biden took office.

The problem got so bad that the administration last year urged members of the corporate press to positively spin a trivial drop of a few pennies in the price of gas…and the press obliged.

Schrier blamed the pandemic for gas prices rising, but the actual problem was Biden’s open antipathy toward fossil fuels.

He killed the Keystone XL pipeline, nixed new fracking projects on federal land, and blocked leases for oil companies planning to drill.

The regulatory uncertainty led to speculation, and prices went up.

The market operates more efficiently when companies don’t believe they are going to be blindsided by regulations or new legislation.

Democrats have become so obsessed with green energy, it’s no wonder players in the energy market feel wrong-footed.

The so-called mainstream media are desperate to label the prolonged energy issue as “Putin’s price hike,” but American and European dependence on Russian oil wouldn’t have been necessary if the Left didn’t chase the green tech boondoggle.

Putin’s invasion has certainly caused problems, but the energy crisis was largely a self-inflicted wound by the west.

It’s chilling that Schrier and other Democrats are using language like “un-American” and “treasonous” and “collaborator” and “Russian asset” for anyone who questions the establishment narrative.

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