Elizabeth Warren blamed her unpopularity on something jaw-dropping

The Democrats have wildly moved to the radical Left in a short amount of time.

Few politicians exemplify that shift more than Senator Elizabeth Warren.

And Warren blamed her unpopularity on something jaw-dropping.

Elizabeth Warren was once a moderate Democrat, and a Republican even before that.

But now Warren is one of the most stridently left-wing voices in the Senate, perhaps only outflanked by Bernie Sanders.

In the early aughts, she co-wrote a book called The Two-Income Trap, which argued in part for school vouchers and tuition freezes on public universities, which are now third-rail issues for Democrats.

Today, Warren is comically left-wing, so much so that even far-left TV hosts like Stephen Colbert challenged Warren on her magical healthcare plan that somehow wasn’t going to raise taxes on the middle class.

Warren also leans heavily into identity politics, which caused problems for her after it was revealed she pretended to be a Native American for decades.

Now Warren is suggesting she isn’t more popular among voters because she’s a woman.

POLITICO reporter Ali Vitali wrote a book titled Electable: Why America Hasn’t Put a Woman in the White House … Yet, and she covered Warren during the 2020 Democrat primary.

In Vitali’s book, she claims that Warren told her amid the Iowa Caucus, “Everyone comes up to me and says, ‘I would vote for you, if you had a penis.’”

This is a ridiculous claim that’s not even remotely believable.

First, Iowans elected Republican Joni Ernst to the House and the Senate, so perhaps there’s simply something unlikable about Warren.

Next, if it were true, that would suggest that Democrat’s Iowa caucus voters are sexist.

Hillary Clinton made a similar argument in 2017 during her grievance tour, claiming that men wouldn’t allow their wives vote for her.

It’s bizarre that both Clinton and Warren believe that Democrat-leaning women do not have the agency to vote for whom they prefer.

Perhaps it’s a way for them to cope instead of coming to grips with their unpopularity.

After Warren’s embarrassing Native American fiasco, she does not have much credibility left.

The simpler solution is that voters were not on board for middle-class tax hikes and wealth taxes on unrealized gains, a disastrous economic policy that already failed in Europe.

Whenever Democrats lose, they blame the voters instead of blaming themselves for being out of touch.

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