Elections just got one step closer to being much more secure in this one state despite fierce Democrat opposition

Democrats know that safer elections could spell doom for their party at the ballot box.

Across the country, the Left has railed against Republican-backed efforts to ensure election integrity in key battleground states like Georgia and Arizona.

But elections just got one step closer to being much more secure in this one state despite fierce Democrat opposition.

In July, Texas Democrats were trending across social media platforms for fleeing the Lonestar State in opposition to the Texas GOP’s election integrity bill.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott and his Republican allies in the state legislature proposed Senate Bill 1, an election bill that ends many of the emergency election measures implemented during the COVID-19 pandemic and are no longer necessary, like an extended vote-by-mail process.

Texas State Sen. Bryan Hughes (R) claims SB 1 “cracks down on those vote harvesters, those paid political operatives who try to coerce voters, who try to mislead voters, who try to get in between the voter and her ballot.”

Naturally Democrats oppose secure elections, as they realize the more transparent an election is, the harder it is to manipulate it in your favor.

And to avoid this common-sense election reform, many of the Texas House Democrats avoided the jobs and responsibilities they were elected to do and flew to Washington, D.C., where they spent their time spreading coronavirus throughout Congress and singing a horrible rendition of “We Shall Overcome” rife with smug self-congratulation.

But despite their best efforts to stall SB 1, the bill finally passed the Texas Senate after a 15-hour filibuster from Democrat Sen. Carol Alvarado.

According to the Texas Tribune, Alvarado filled her 15-hour speech “by recounting portions of the history of the fight for voting rights” and often spoke “at a much slower tempo” than usual to maximize the amount of time she was taking up.

Alvarado’s efforts were to no avail, however, and the Texas Senate passed SB 1 on a 18-11 party-line vote.

The bill was recently passed by the Texas House of Representatives and is now awaiting Governor Greg Abbott’s signature.

But what Democrats fail to realize is that SB 1, and similar state legislation enacted across the country, does nothing to restrict any eligible American from voting, but instead makes it harder for ineligible people to influence our elections, commit fraud, or otherwise damage the reputation of our democratic process.

By comparing their misguided crusade to keep the integrity of our elections at risk with the Civil Rights Movement of the past, Texas Democrats just cheapen the truly important accomplishments made by voting rights advocates during that time.

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