Dr. Fauci went on TV and made one statement that will have your blood pressure up

The COVID regime is not done with you.

It still demands more compliance after two nightmarish years.

Now Dr. Anthony Fauci went on television and made one statement that will have your blood pressure up.

Dr. Fauci is back.

After weeks of being silent, he’s back on the regime media platforms promoting more COVID paranoia.

Fauci and the other public health experts do not want the Forever Pandemic to end.

And he was upset when a U.S. District Court judge struck down the Biden administration’s mask mandates for public transit.

At first, the administration signaled that it would take the political win and not challenge the ruling, but Democrats have become masochists over COVID.

They storm into losing political issues with reckless abandon.

Americans are sick and tired of masks and vaccine passports, but Dr. Fauci went on television to push for more restrictions nonetheless.

Fauci said, “[T]hose types of things really are the purview of the CDC. This is a public health issue, and for a court to come in — and if you look at the rationale for that, it really was not particularly firm — and we are concerned about that, about courts getting involved in things that are unequivocally public health decisions. I mean, this is a CDC issue. It should not have been a court issue. So, we’re hoping that the inevitable increase in cases which we’re seeing are not going to be associated with an increase in hospitalizations. So, [with] all of these dynamic things going on at the same time, it was perfectly logical for the CDC to say, wait a minute, we were planning on ending this mandate on a certain date. Let’s wait a period of time until May 3, which was a very sound public health decision. So, for a court to come in and interfere in that is really unfortunate.”

This is a ridiculous statement.

First, the CDC does not get to supersede the Constitution.

Bureaucrats like Fauci would love for that to be the case, but rule of law still matters in America.

Their job is to make recommendations, not enforce the law.

Second, the CDC has been deeply politicized.

The CDC openly worked with the teachers unions on guidelines for school re-openings – that does not sound like “the science” was the top consideration.

Finally, Fauci and retired NIH Director Francis Collins conspired to commission journalistic hit pieces to discredit well-credentialed epidemiologists who opposed them.

If courts shouldn’t be deciding mask policy, blue-checkmark journalists on Twitter certainly should not be doing it.

Fauci and the other members of the COVID regime hate the fact their power and 15 minutes of fame are slipping away.

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