Dr. Fauci proved he’s nothing more than a left-wing hack with this outrageous statement

Dr. Anthony Fauci and the COVID regime have kept their boots on the necks of Americans.

They are determined to make COVID the forever-pandemic.

And Dr. Fauci proved he’s nothing more than a left-wing hack with this outrageous statement.

Dr. Anthony Fauci has been presented to the American people as an impartial civil servant.

The reality is he’s the highest paid government official, and he’s nothing more than a shill for the establishment.

He’s flip-flopped numerous times, and he constantly goes on corporate-controlled press news outlets to spread his propaganda and smear his detractors on the Right.

Fauci did exactly that again when he appeared on Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan.

The host teed up Fauci to take a swing at Senator Ted Cruz, and Fauci obliged.

Brennan said, “Senator Cruz told the Attorney General you should be prosecuted,” and Fauci responded, “Yeah. I have to laugh at that. I should be prosecuted? What happened on Jan. 6, Senator?”

First, Cruz, Rand Paul, and other Congressmen have pointed out that Fauci lied to Congress about gain-of-function research being funded in the Wuhan lab via EcoHealth Alliance.

Fauci is using an incredibly narrow definition of gain-of-function to shield himself from culpability.

The bottom line is that the NIAID run by Fauci provided funding to EcoHealth Alliance for research in the Wuhan Institute of Virology where gain-of-function experiments were conducted.

Also, Fauci’s quip about January 6th doesn’t make any sense.

The FBI already concluded that there was no coordination regarding the Capitol Hill riot.

Accusing Cruz of culpability in the incident is absurd.

Fauci said it to play to his left-wing audience because he has lost nearly all credibility on the Right.

One of the early indicators that Fauci was a political hack was when he refused to condemn left-wing protests for George Floyd or the Women’s March because of COVID concerns, but had no problem decrying protests against lockdowns.

Fauci also tried to play victim, saying:

“[W]hen I see people who scattered around misinformation and lies that can actually endanger the lives of people, but also it is very easy to pick out an individual and make them a target because that’s what people can focus on.”

If Fauci wants to combat lies and misinformation, he should start with himself.

He lied about his position on masks, he lied about the herd immunity rate, and he at the very least was untruthful regarding gain-of-function research in the Wuhan lab.

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