Donald Trump said seven words about the Bud Light boycott that will terrify Democrats

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The Bud Light boycott is one of the biggest grassroots movements on the Right in recent memory.

Now Donald Trump has joined in.

And Donald Trump said seven words about the Bud Light boycott that will terrify Democrats.

Donald Trump finally weighed in on the Bud Light boycott.

For years, left-wing groups like Sleeping Giants successfully pressured advertisers to drop conservative media under the threat of boycott.

These pressure campaigns eventually helped lead corporate America to a place where it feels comfortable siding with the Left in every culture war battle.

But Bud Light flew too close to the sun.

Bud Light’s decision to promote transgenderism as the cool thing to do with its sponsorship deal with Dylan Mulvaney led to a massive boycott.

Sales for Bud Light plummeted 26 percent as a result.

The Daily Mail reports:

On Sunday, Beer Business Daily reported that the beer’s off-premise sales volume – meaning the amount of beer sold outside of restaurants and bars – had fallen by 26.1 percent from a year earlier in the week ended April 22.

Sales were down 21.1 percent in the prior week. While competitors, Coors Light and Miller Lite, saw consumers turning to their brands as both have had an increase in sales.

So far this year, Bud Light volumes are down 8 percent.

Donald Trump expressed support of the boycott and urged conservatives to use the Left’s tactics against them declaring that Anheuser-Busch learned it’s bad for business to operate as a battering ram for the Left in the culture war.

“It’s time to beat the Radical Left at their own game. Money does talk—Anheuser-Busch now understands that,” Trump posted on Truth Social.

Trump’s pro-Bud Light boycott stance stood in contrast to Donald Trump Jr. urging conservatives to call off the Bud Light boycott because parent company Anheuser-Busch donated to Republicans.

“Anheuser-Busch totally s*** the bed with this Dylan Mulvaney thing,” Trump Jr. declared. “I’m not, though, for destroying an American and iconic company for something like this.”

“I’m not gonna blame the whole company for the inaction or the stupidity of someone in a marketing campaign that got woke as hell,” Trump Jr. said. “The company itself doesn’t participate in the same leftist nonsense as the other big conglomerates.”

Conservatives are fed up with corporations using their brand equity and economic muscle to force the woke agenda on the rest of the country.

Now the Right is starting to fight back.

And Donald Trump is urging his supporters to do so with every tool at their disposal.

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