Donald Trump revealed one disturbing truth about what Joe Biden and the Democrats think about America

Joe Biden already opened the border up to a flood of illegal aliens.

Now he’s trying to water down the process and make citizenship tests for legal immigrants even easier than it already is.

And Donald Trump revealed one disturbing truth about what Joe Biden and the Democrats think about America.

Joe Biden began dismantling Trump’s successful border security policies on his first day in office.

He ended construction on the border wall and ended the Remain in Mexico policy within the first week of his Presidency.

And the Biden administration is preparing to end Title 42, which is the last remaining Trump border policy still in place.

But aside from opening up the border to illegal aliens, through the Immigration Services (USCIS) agency, Joe Biden is also preparing to launch a pilot program in 2023 to weaken citizenship tests for prospective Americans.

“The Biden administration plans to conduct a trial for portions of the naturalization exam, which immigrants must pass to become US citizens, next year, to try to make the test more accessible,” CNN’s Priscilla Alvarez wrote.

By “accessible,” Biden means virtually impossible not to pass.

The Biden administration is looking into doing away with the current open-ended questions and making them multiple choice.

“The trial civics portion is expected to be redesigned in a multiple-choice format, instead of it being fill in the blank,” Alvarez wrote. “Currently, applicants study 100 civics test items and are required to answer six of 10 civics questions correctly to pass.”

During an interview with Breitbart News, Donald Trump ripped Joe Biden and the Democrats for their open borders, pro-illegal immigration agenda.

Trump pointed to the Democrats’ actions as proof that they “hate” the United States of America.

“The fact they want to get rid of Remain in Mexico tells you they hate the country,” Trump said. “They hate our country, or they’re very stupid—and they’re not stupid.”

According to Trump, the fact that Democrats aren’t stupid but push the policies they do “means they really hate the country” are intentionally “destroying” America.

Thanks to Biden’s refusal to secure the border, Trump said “some of the worst people are coming into our country, totally unvetted, and totally unchecked.”

Like most Americans, Trump said he supports legal immigration.

However, he said it needs to be “good immigration,” meaning that “you have to come in legally.”

Joe Biden is doing the exact opposite by allowing millions of unvetted and potentially dangerous illegal aliens to flood across the border and enter the country.

But Donald Trump believes this is Joe Biden and the Democrats’ plan.

They “hate the country” and are trying to fundamentally change America.

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