Donald Trump issued one challenge that Karine Jean-Pierre melted down over

The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Donald Trump is now the Republican nominee for President.

Democrats are coming to grips with that reality.

And Donald Trump issued one challenge that Karine Jean-Pierre melted down over.

Donald Trump issues debate invitation to Joe Biden

Right after Donald Trump became the presumptive GOP nominee, he posted a debate challenge to Joe Biden on his Truth Social platform.

“It is important, for the Good of our Country, that Joe Biden and I Debate Issues that are so vital to America, and the American People.
Therefore, I am calling for Debates, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE, ANYPLACE! The Debates can be run by the Corrupt DNC, or their Subsidiary, the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD). I look forward to receiving a response. Thank you for your attention to this matter!” Trump wrote.

Biden’s campaign refused to commit to attending three debates in the fall like in past Presidential campaigns.

“I know Donald Trump’s thirsty for attention and struggling to expand his appeal beyond the MAGA base — and that’s a conversation we’ll have at the appropriate time in this cycle,” Biden campaign spokesperson Michael Tyler said in a statement to NBC News. “But if he’s so desperate to see President Biden in prime time, he doesn’t have to wait! He can join the tens of millions of Americans who will tune in to watch the State of the Union tomorrow night. He might even learn a thing or two about bringing people together and actually delivering for the American people.”

Karine Jean-Pierre ducks questions on if Biden will debate

Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy asked Jean-Pierre if Biden would commit to showing up at the debates.

“Is President Biden gonna commit to a debate with Donald Trump?” Doocy wondered.

Jean-Pierre refused to provide a simple yes or no answer.

“That’s something for the campaign to speak to,” Jean-Pierre responded.

“Well, we know when the debates are gonna be. We know where they’re going to be. Is he going to go?” Doocy followed up.

“You should speak to the campaign,” Jean-Pierre replied.

Jean-Pierre tried to hide behind the Hatch Act – the law that prevents federal employees from engaging in partisan politics in their official capacities – but that dog didn’t hunt.

Doocy noted he wasn’t asking Jean-Pierre what Biden was going to say in the debate, he wanted to simply know if Biden would attend.

“And so just for clarity, it’s possible that there will be no Joe Biden/Donald Trump debates this fall?” Doocy tried again.

“Is that what you’re excited about?” Jean-Pierre deflected. “Is that what you want to see?”

“I’d love to see Joe Biden and Donald Trump debate,” Doocy shot back.

Jean-Pierre made it clear she wasn’t engaging in this line of questioning.

“You keep asking me. You’ve asked me three, four, five different times in different ways,” Jean-Pierre concluded.

Jean-Pierre and the rest of Joe Biden’s handlers won’t say if Biden will debate because they don’t want Biden to debate.

Even though Biden trails in the polls, a debate is terribly risky for him.

Biden’s team knows putting him on stage for 90 minutes in his decrepit physical and mental condition is a huge risk.

If Biden looks lethargic, forgets where he is, or falls into a vegetative state, his campaign is over on the spot.

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