Dolly Parton just revealed her secret formula for staying productive in her late 70s

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    Famous for her long career as a country music singer, actress, and businesswoman, Dolly Parton is one of the most well-known women in America.

    Age has not slowed down the 77-year-old star.

    And Dolly Parton just revealed her secret formula for staying productive in her late 70s.

    Dolly Parton entered the country music scene in 1967 with her album debut, Hello, I’m Dolly.

    Parton has since sold more than 100 million records and is commonly referred to as a “country music legend.”

    Parton has won 11 Grammy Awards over her career and has also enjoyed massive success as an actor.

    As the co-owner of The Dollywood Company, Parton is also a wildly successful entrepreneur.

    But even though she is now 77 years old, Parton continues to remain productive and active in her daily life.

    On December 31, 2022, Parton co-hosted NBC’s New Year’s special Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party.

    Parton just released her latest children’s book, Billy the Kid Makes It Big, which is about a dog named Billy the Kid who dreams of becoming a country music star but must overcome bullies along the way.

    She is currently working on a rock and roll album that she plans to release later this year.

    And during a recent interview with Fox News Digital, Parton spilled the beans and revealed her secret to remain active and productive in her late 70s.

    Parton credited her Christian faith for her ability to be productive at 77.

    “My faith impacts everything that I do because I do believe that, through God, all things are possible,” Parton told Fox News Digital. “And so I always ask God to bless everything that I do and the people that I work with and to bring all the right things and right people into my life and to take the wrong ones out.”

    Parton called spirituality the “guiding light” and “strength” behind her “creative energy.”

    “So, I try to just live through love as much as I can,” Parton said. “And so I just think that my spirituality has been a guiding light in my life and my strength, really, in my creative energy.”

    “My spiritual energy has really been a great force to keep me going all these years and still being productive,” she added.

    Parton offered advice to America’s youth, advising them to “not think doomsday” and get caught up in the negativity of society.

    Instead, Parton recommends holding on to the “childlike” nature while not acting “childish.”

    “As they say, maybe I’m in my second childhood, I don’t know,” she said. “But I like to think more that I’m childlike instead of childish.

    “But I just really try to keep a child’s take on things,” Parton continued. “I try to think more young, and I try to not think doomsday.”

    Parton said she is not afraid of death, but she will remain productive and “go to work until I go, however, that is.”

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