Democrats used two jaw-dropping words to describe Governor Kathy Hochul

Andrew Cuomo resigned in disgrace as Governor of New York.

But Kathy Hochul has been a horror show in her short time in office.

And Democrats used two jaw-dropping words to describe Governor Hochul.

Andrew Cuomo was forced to step down after covering up the number of COVID deaths in nursing homes and allegedly sexually harassing female staffers.

Cuomo had made a lot of enemies in the Democrat Party, so nobody came to his rescue.

But it doesn’t appear that Hochul is very well-liked, either.

Democrats even described her as “too extreme” in her role as Governor.

The New York Post reported that “some New York Democrats, disaffected with rising crime and left-wing policy priorities, now say they are ditching their party’s nominee, Gov. Kathy Hochul, in favor of Republican challenger Lee Zeldin ahead of the Nov. 8 gubernatorial election . . . An endorsement by the Brooklyn-based New Era Democrats – which has backed lefty pols like former Mayor Bill de Blasio and presidential candidate Andrew Yang in the past – is one more sign of how Zeldin is wooing some party members away from Hochul as the race heats up.”

John Orlando, President of the New Era Democrats, said during a press conference, “We have a Democratic machine that has gone far too Left – too extreme for even those moderate Democrats.”

Hochul has played to the radical leftists while ignoring the centrists and Republicans.

In fact, Hochul told Republican New Yorkers to get on a bus and go to Florida.

The Post added that “Hochul has dodged questions on controversial public safety issues like repealing qualified immunity and changing cash bail laws by arguing that the timing was not good to express an opinion despite harsh criticism from her Republican opponent.”

New York is a solid blue state because of New York City, but the state had a Republican Governor as recently as 2006.

If things spiral too far out of control, the state could potentially go red again.

Rev. Rubén Díaz, Sr., a former city councilman who hosted Zeldin at a church in the Bronx, said, “Lee is my candidate. He’s against crime. Hochul’s for crime. She refused to make any major changes to the bail law.”

Crime in New York has become widespread thanks to pro-crime policies put forward by the Democrats.

The reforms implemented by Rudy Giuliani have been undone by Bill de Blasio and now Eric Adams.

New Yorkers will have to decide when they’ve finally had enough.

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