Democrats’ green energy kamikaze mission just got hit with reality

The Left are anxious to get rid of all fossil fuels.

They don’t care that the consequences would be catastrophic.

And Democrats’ green energy kamikaze mission just got hit with reality.

Far-left environmentalists want to take carbon emissions to zero overnight, regardless of the suffering it would bring.

Cheap and abundant energy is the main factor for quality of life increases around the globe.

But the Left wants to throw all of that away for renewables, which are inefficient and unreliable.

Despite a huge push for electrical vehicles, they simply are not a suitable replacement for gas-powered vehicles.

The point was reiterated when a traveler needed 15-hours merely to travel 178 miles.

Cowboy State Daily reported that “Alan O’Hashi is experienced at driving his electric vehicle around Wyoming. A former resident of the Cowboy State, he now lives in Colorado, but has taken many return road trips in his Nissan Leaf. One thing he’s learned is that a road trip in an EV is much different than a traditional gasoline-fueled vehicle. ‘It was very difficult, O’Hashi said. ‘For example, (it took) 15 hours to get from Cheyenne to Casper.’ That was his first trip. And this wasn’t back in the beginning days of EVs either. This was late May, 2022. A month later, he was able to get the time down to speedy (relatively) 11 hours. To put the trip in perspective, it’s 178 miles. Going the speed limit, it’s less than a 21/2 hour trip.”

Electric vehicles require charging stations and the infrastructure is not in place to support them.

Joe Biden and the Democrats spent untold billions of dollars for EV charging stations, which ironically will require more fossil fuel usage.

Heavy machinery is needed for construction, so that means more carbon emission.

Also, the power grid runs on fossil fuels, so more cars on the grid means more fossil fuels.

That also doesn’t even touch on the fact that mining for the rare earth metals needed to produce the batteries also requires massive amounts of fossil fuels.

The entire enterprise is ridiculous.

Cowboy State Daily added that “the experience of driving EVs across Wyoming has been such a unique adventure that O’Hashi wrote a book about it titled ‘On The Trail: Electric Vehicle Advice and Anxiety.’ Charging an EV is very different from filling up with gas. There are three levels of chargers that power up different types of EVs at different rates. None of them are as fast as filling up at the pump.”

With a level one charger, it could take up to four days to fully charge a car.

This is the technology that the wacky environmentalists want to force Americans to adopt overnight.

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