Democrats are terrified after one poll of black voters proved a game-changing reality

For years, Democrats have taken the black vote for granted to win elections across the country.

But in return, they have done nothing to help the black community.

And now Democrats are terrified after one poll of black voters proved a game-changing reality.

Democrats were shocked when Donald Trump came along.

They never expected him to win, believing that their lies about him being racist would keep him out of the White House. 

But that didn’t work.

And what shocked them more than anything was Trump’s appeal to black voters. 

While Democrats got a clear majority of votes from black voters, Trump made historic ground when it comes to Republican votes from the black community. 

Trump proved that the left’s propaganda doesn’t work when there is a loud and direct voice calling them out.

And even with Trump leaving the White House, polls are showing that black voters are shifting toward Republican values at an alarming rate for Democrats. 

A new Rasmussen Reports survey now shows that black voters aren’t buying Democrat lies about voter ID.

Democrats have gone so far as to call efforts to require IDs to vote “Jim Crow 2.0” in an effort to appeal to black voters.

But the Rasmussen poll shows that 73% of black voters don’t believe them, and believe that voter ID is necessary to “a fair and secure election process.”

The survey, taken April 1 and 4 among 1,000 likely U.S. voters asked, “Are laws requiring voters to show photo identification such as a driver’s license before being allowed to vote necessary to ‘a fair and secure election process’?”

75 percent of respondents said “yes,” it is necessary, with a majority of both Republicans and Democrats agreeing by 89% and 65%, respectively.

And while black voters said “yes” at a rate of 73%, it also showed that 81% of other minority voters agreed that voter ID is necessary.

This comes after prominent black Republicans have been calling out Democrat lies on voter ID.

Rep. Byron Donalds (R-FL) recently blasted the Left’s narrative of voter ID laws suppressing black voters as “disrespectful.” 

“It bothers the hell out of me. And what’s worse is that they never show data how, somehow, black people don’t have access to IDs or it disproportionately affects them because they simply can’t get it. They just say it,” he said during a Monday appearance on Fox News Radio’s Fox Across America.

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