Democrats are hoping one scheme will save them from John Fetterman’s train wreck debate

John Fetterman is an unbelievably bad Senate candidate.

His debate performance will go down as the worst in the history of American politics.

But Democrats are hoping that one scheme will save them from Fetterman’s train wreck debate.

Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman has been a complete disaster.

He had a stroke near the end of the primary, and he has sounded incoherent ever since as his speech is clearly impaired.

Despite efforts by the Democrat Media Complex to downplay his obvious health deficiencies, the house of cards came crashing down when Fetterman reluctantly faced off in a debate against Republican challenger Dr. Mehmet Oz.

However, Fetterman’s meltdown might not doom the Democrats because his campaign only agreed to the late debate schedule on purpose after early voting had already begun in the state.

And a significant number of Pennsylvanians cast their ballot before they saw Fetterman go off the rails.

The Wall Street Journal reported that “Mr. Fetterman is still recovering from a stroke, and he relied on closed captions to understand the debate questions. Voters can decide if he allayed concerns about his health. Remarkably, though, almost half of the mail ballots requested in Pennsylvania have already been cast and returned, according to the U.S. Elections Project. As of Tuesday, two weeks before what used to be quaintly called Election Day, officials had received 635,428 mail votes out of the 1,310,189 that voters originally requested. That’s 48%. Given the delay between a voter’s mailbox and the local elections office, the true figure is certainly higher.”

The Fetterman campaign would not have agreed to a debate at all, but The Washington Post and other outlets pressured Fetterman to debate in order to assuage concerns about his health.

Early mail-in voting might’ve blunted some of the disaster of debate night.

The Journal added that “most people continue to vote on Election Day, but the data there aren’t exactly comforting. About five million people voted in Pennsylvania’s 2018 Senate race. Assuming this year’s final turnout ends up being similar, then roughly 10% of the vote could be already cast for Mr. Fetterman or Mr. Oz, before the public even has a chance to see them mix it up on TV.”

It would be a shame if mail-in voting shenanigans in Pennsylvania again decided a critical election.

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