Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh left behind some big shoes to fill and this person has his work cut out for him as he tries to fill those shoes

Rush Limbaugh was a pioneer of conservative talk radio.

He paved the way for so many media personalities on the Right today.

And conservative icon Rush Limbaugh left behind some big shoes to fill, and this person has his work cut out for him as he tries to fill those shoes.

Conservative podcaster and social media star Dan Bongino has undoubtedly become a household name over the last few months.

And now, Cumulus Media says he will begin hosting a weekday show in the coveted 12 pm – 3 pm time slot previously held by Rush Limbaugh.

In all his years on the air, Limbaugh never faced national competition during this time slot, and his fans tuned in every day to hear him.

Any station that didn’t syndicate Limbaugh’s show would just air local talk shows during that slot, knowing most of their conservative listeners were tuned into Rush.

But now, with the passing of the conservative powerhouse Cumulus Media is looking to fill this airtime, and they want to do it with the most prominent name they can find.

Inside Radio recently reported:

Cumulus Media is finalizing plans to fill the hole on many of its conservative talk stations left by the death of Rush Limbaugh. Dan Bongino has reportedly been signed to host a Westwood One-distributed program, weekdays from 12–3 pm.

Bongino currently hosts a podcast for the Westwood One Podcast Network. It earlier was repurposed as a one-hour syndicated radio program and airs on Cumulus news/talk KABC Los Angeles (790) and KSFO San Francisco (560), among other company stations. reports that the podcast will remain separate from the new three-hour syndicated radio program.

In 2020 Bongino had one of the 50-most listened to podcasts in America.  Not too shabby considering more and more people are producing podcasts giving the American public many options to choose from.

Bongino is a regular on Fox News and several other news outlets and has one of the most viewed Facebook pages.

Rush Limbaugh will never be replaced. 

But since his passing conservatives are desperate to have another no-nonsense, straight shooter in their daily lineup and Bongino may be just the guy they’re looking for.

Only time will tell how receptive listeners are to Bongino, but it’s unlikely there is another person out there that could step into Rush Limbaugh’s shoes like Bongino can.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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