Clarence Thomas was blindsided when a restaurant lobbed this nasty attack at him

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Justice Clarence Thomas is the top target of the Left’s wrath after a series of Supreme Court defeats.

Now they’re coming up with more outlandish ways to attack him for defending the Constitution.

And Clarence Thomas was blindsided when a restaurant lobbed this nasty attack at him.

Democrats have tried to destroy Clarence Thomas starting with bogus controversy during his confirmation hearing over 30 years ago.

Their hatred of him is intensifying after the conservative majority on the Court handed them a string of high-profile defeats during the Biden Presidency.

Democrats and their media allies drummed up a phony controversy designed to build pressure to remove Thomas from the Court via impeachment.

ProPublica ran a hit piece that claimed Thomas improperly failed to report vacations he took with his friend, GOP donor Harlan Crow, on ethics reports.

Thomas and Crow have been close friends for more than 25 years.

The friendship between the two men is being used as a political weapon by seething Democrats to make it appear that Thomas is corrupt.

Democrats like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) seized on the story to demand impeachment.

Crow slammed ProPublica’s reporting as “factually incorrect and being written with a strong political agenda.”

Travel that is considered “personal hospitality” isn’t a violation of the Supreme Court’s ethics rules nor is it required to be disclosed.

But a fast-casual pizza chain decided to join in on the latest media fueled hysteria against Thomas with a new promotion.

Washington, D.C.-based &pizza waded into the bogus controversy with a new promotion touting that every pie was on sale, just like Thomas.

The chain has nearly 40 locations in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C., New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

“Every pie on sale, Just like Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas,” an email from &pizza claimed that went out customers.

The chain, which touts itself as “the future of pizza,” is pricing every pizza on the menu at $9.99 during the sale.

Clarence Thomas has faced many attacks in his decades long career but a pizza chain’s promotion may be the most ridiculous.

Promoting left-wing politics is part and parcel for &pizza over the years.

The company encouraged its employees to join in on the violent Black Lives Matters riots that rocked the country in 2020.

“For those in this pain. For those in this fight. We stand with the Black Community against racial hate and injustice,” &pizza said on social media. “In memory of George Floyd & in UNITY always. From this day forward, @andpizza will be giving its employees paid time off for activism.”

The restaurant also celebrated former President Donald Trump leaving office.

Now Democrats are resorting to baseless smear tactics to express their growing frustration with Clarence Thomas.

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