Churchgoers got the shock of their lives during this service that will leave you sick to your stomach

Radical leftists are devouring culture.

Not even religion is safe.

And churchgoers got the shock of their lives during this service that will leave you sick to your stomach.

Leftism is an expansionist ideology that attempts to bulldoze other modes of thought.

Over the years, particularly recently, “woke” Christianity is on the rise.

Churches and even denominations have discarded biblical principles in order to dovetail with the precepts of the Left.

And that was on full display in a New York City church where a drag queen was invited to perform.

Many churches have bent the knee to the neo-Marxist group Black Lives Matter, which openly said its mission was to undermine the nuclear family and “heteronormative” society.

After the death of George Floyd, a Catholic magazine even compared Floyd to Jesus Christ.

The incursion of wokeness is causing splits within churches.

The United Methodist Church of Florida is currently in the throes of such a rift.

Wesleyan Covenant Association (WCA) Florida President Jay Therrell explained in a statement, “We are not leaving The United Methodist Church. The United Methodist Church has left us…After a decades-long rise of theological liberalism, the selective enforcement of our denominational laws, and a strong surge in the promotion of partisan politics, our churches long for the day of being able to unite with like-minded Christians who focus on sharing the Good News of Jesus and help people to be transformed by His salvation.”

The Left’s aggressive transgender movement looks to sexualize children as early as possible, and proponents of the activist push openly acknowledge it.

They use the pretext of teaching tolerance in order to attack traditional values by putting children at odds with their parents.

It didn’t take long for Drag Queen Story Hour to morph into drag shows for kids where performers are stripping and collecting tips.

In one particularly lurid show, a drag show “for kids” took place in a gay bar that had a sign in the background that read: “It’s not going to lick itself.”

This nonsense is being done in the name of forwarding LGBTQ+ rights, but many gay people have stood up against the targeting of kids.

It’s time for so-called liberals to stand up to the madness being propagated by the far-Left radicals who have zero boundaries and zero remorse for their actions.

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