Chuck Schumer turned white as a ghost when he saw new polling on this Senate race

    Democrats are feeling more enthusiastic about their chances in the Midterms.

    There’s a sense of optimism growing on the Left.

    But Chuck Schumer turned white as a ghost when he saw new polling on this Senate race.

    The Republicans remain on deck to retake the House of Representatives based on the generic Congressional ballot, but the Senate is far murkier.

    The 2022 cycle is not a good map for the Republicans, as they’re defending more vulnerable seats.

    One Senate race where the Democrats have been confident is in Pennsylvania where socialist layabout John Fetterman is running against Dr. Mehmet Oz.

    Early polls showed Fetterman with a sizable double-digit lead.

    However, the race is much tighter than the experts think.

    Robert Cahaly of the Trafalgar Group has Dr. Oz within five points.

    Trafalgar was considerably more accurate than most pollsters in recent cycles.

    Even FiveThirtyEight gave Trafalgar an A- rating.

    Cahaly said in an interview, “It’s very difficult running with Joe Biden as the President . . . Democrats are going to pay the price for Joe Biden’s unpopularity, especially in the federal races.”

    It’s unlikely that Fetterman is running so far ahead of Biden that he can win Pennsylvania going away.

    Fetterman has also ironically benefited from being out of the public eye after suffering a stroke.

    Also, it would’ve been in poor taste to aggressively go after Fetterman while he was convalescing in a hospital.

    But now that Fetterman is back on the trail, he will have to defend his record.

    The more people find out about him, the less they will like him.

    For example, Fetterman has been mooching off his family for years.

    The Daily Wire reported that Fetterman “survived for his 13-year tenure as mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania, thanks to his parents’ money. Fetterman, age 52, was elected in 2006 and left the position in 2019 after being elected to his current position. In 2015 alone, his parents gave him $54,000 . . . As mayor, Fetterman received a $1,800 salary. For his part, Fetterman has stated that his family’s generosity allowed him to serve the public . . . The lieutenant governor also purchased a residency from his sister for just $1. His sister first purchased the loft for $70,000 . . . ”

    Based on national polls and trends, Cahaly is “confident” that Republicans will take back the Senate in 2022.

    But Republicans could easily lose if they get complacent going into November.

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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