Chuck Schumer knows he’s in trouble after watching this candidate’s debate meltdown

The 2022 Midterm races are tightening.

Democrats’ optimism about holding onto both chambers of Congress has dampened.

And Chuck Schumer knows he’s in trouble after watching this candidate’s debate meltdown.

The Democrat Media Complex has been vilifying Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance for years.

Despite the numerous hit pieces, Vance has a lead against Democrat challenger Tim Ryan.

Vance crushed Ryan in their first debate, and he might’ve delivered the knockout blow in their second faceoff.

Ryan and the Democrats have attempted to paint Vance as “extreme,” but Vance turned the tables on Ryan.

On the issue of abortion, Vance explained, “[Ryan’s] actual voting record here has supported abortion without limits up to 40 weeks of pregnancy. Tim Ryan voted for a piece of legislation that would prevent doctors from providing care to babies who survived botched abortions. That is not the Roe versus Wade standard . . . As much as you call me an extremist, you’re the extremist on this issue.”

Ryan and other Democrats in red and purple states have been forced to run away from Joe Biden because voters in their states are not on board with the DNC’s far-left positions.

Ryan also tried to smear Vance as being a supporter of the Great Replacement Theory.

Democrats have been attempting to conflate that idea with opposition to illegal immigration and support for a border wall.

Vance fired back at the attack and said, “This is disgusting. Here’s exactly what happens when the media and people like Tim Ryan accuse me of engaging the Great Replacement Theory . . . My own children, my biracial children, get attacked by scumbags online and in person because you are so desperate for political power that you’ll accuse me, the father of three beautiful biracial babies, of engaging in racism. We are sick of it. You can believe in a border without being a racist. You can believe in the country without being a racist.”

Democrats are pinning their hopes on Ohio as a pickup with Republican Rob Portman retiring, but Vance seems poised to hold onto the seat for the GOP despite antipathy from the media and establishment Republicans.

The Republicans are defending a tough Senate map, but they have a decent shot at breaking the 50-50 tie.

Democrats have been able to ram through Biden’s extreme legislative agenda with Kamala Harris serving as the tiebreaker.

But the insane bills and the radical appointments go away if Republicans can take back the Senate.

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