Bill Maher had Democrats spitting out their Starbucks Lattes when he agreed with Republicans about one thing

Bill Maher has constantly infuriated leftists over the past few years.

He’s been willing to call out far-left nonsense.

And Maher had Democrats spitting out their Starbucks Lattes when he agreed with Republicans about one thing.

Maher had one of the worst recorded cases of Trump Derangement Syndrome, but he was still able to call out the Left in spite of his hatred for Donald Trump.

That’s one of the reasons why some leftists have called for Maher’s HBO show Real Time literally to get canceled.

Maher did it again when he said that the Republicans had a point about wanting to rein in spending.

Maher first fulfilled his liberal duties by sniping at the Right and said, “When a Republican is President, [spending is] never a problem, the debt ceiling and then spending money is never a problem . . . [The GOP] pretends to be the fiscal responsibility party, that’s the thing.”

Maher is not entirely wrong, which is why the Tea Party movement formed in the first place.

Real conservatives were furious with the business-as-usual RINOs, who only pretended to care about the deficit and runaway spending.

The Tea Party was endlessly smeared by the Democrats and their media allies, and ultimately co-opted by many RINOs, like Adam Kinzinger.

Maher added, “It is the Democrats who are the spenders. I mean, they spent — I mean, Trump . . . it was bipartisan . . . COVID cost 6 trillion, 2 million more than World War II, for the forever flu.”

That’s when Maher raised leftists’ eyebrows.

Nobody is supposed to question the pandemic response, and certainly not the wartime-like spending that took place.

Maher then explained that so much of the relief money was literally stolen.

Maher said that “not that much” spending was necessary and that “half of it was just stolen. They just sent out checks willy-nilly. So I understand the Republican idea that we have to say, well, these people are spending like drunken sailors and an adult has to cut up the credit card.” 

Maher is completely correct.

The only problem is that not enough Republicans have the backbone to put their foot down and get spending under control.

Nobody wants to be left standing when the game of musical chairs ends.

Mitch McConnell patted himself on the back for passing a monstrous omnibus spending package during a lame duck session.

That is why it’s so difficult for Republicans to get spending under control: bad leadership.

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