Bill Gates’ stomach is knotted as the Dutch farmer revolt escalates

    Sri Lanka actually fell.

    And nations in Africa and South America aren’t far behind.

    But Bill Gates’ stomach is knotted as the Dutch farmer revolt escalates.

    As store shelves across the United States empty out, experts are warning we are only seeing the tip of the starvation iceberg.

    In fact, across the globe it’s far worse.

    Many of the world’s leading economists are predicting the current crisis could lead to the worst global starvation in history.

    Some are even predicting the current food crisis could lead to as many as 25 billion deaths by the year 2025.

    And the current crisis has led to the fall of the government of Sri Lanka and is threatening to topple more.

    All of this is tied to the growing Dutch farmer revolt, and to the increasingly violent government response to the farmers.

    Because all of this is tied to the world-wide effort to destroy farms in the name of “green” globalism.

    Of course, you won’t see much about the Dutch farmer protests on the liberal corporate mainstream media.

    But the internet is now replete with video updates on the Dutch farmers that are valiantly protesting the “green” globalist land grab that is trying to take away their farms.

    The Dutch farmers seem ready to fight this to the end. Because for them it very well could be the end if they lose.

    And if Dutch farmers lose, in what many are calling a trial run of woke globalist central planning, the rest of the world will soon follow.

    This will lead to further disruption of food chains, which will spiral out of control, causing mass starvation and migration unlike anything the world has seen.

    In short, if the Netherlands falls, and Dutch farmers lose their lands, your local city is next.

    The food in your grocery store follows – if it hasn’t already been emptied.

    Even more important to realize is this is what the globalists, socialists and “green” woke world leaders want.

    This is not a conspiracy; it is now a well-known and well-documented fact.

    The war on farmers is international and very real. And it’s already hitting here in America.

    Bill Gates is buying up farmland around the nation, at a pace second only to the Communist Chinese.

    And American farms are shutting down at an alarming pace as prices for everything from fertilizer to diesel fuel skyrockets and farmers are left with no money to purchase what they need to run their farms.

    The Dutch government is trying to destroy the farms of the Netherlands using “climate” as the excuse.

    And the tiny nation is the second largest exporter of food to the rest of the world.

    Just think what that will mean.

    Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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