Biden is attempting to pull the wool over American’s eyes by taking credit for this Trump-era success

Joe Biden continues to dismantle almost every policy former President Trump put in place.

The results of this plan have been nothing short of disastrous.

And now, Biden is attempting to pull the wool over American’s eyes by taking credit for this Trump-era success.

Biden’s entire campaign revolved around appeasing the extremist left.  He has worked tirelessly to undo the good President Trump did, all while trying to rewrite history to reflect better on him.

One of the most glaring examples of Biden trying to change history is his attempt at taking credit for the COVID-19 rollout.

If you listen to Biden’s talking points, President Trump allegedly messed up the response to the COVID pandemic, and the only reason the vaccine is being distributed today is because he is now in office.

Unfortunately for Biden, people like Former HHS Assistant Secretary and four-star Admiral Brett Giroir aren’t going to let him spread such blatant lies.

Giroir was recently on Fox News, where he corrected Biden’s statements and set the record straight.

“We had already given a pace of one million [vaccinations] per day by the time the inauguration hit,” Admiral Giroir said. “On January 20 we did 1.5 million. If you just look at the Trump rollout plan, he should get 150 to 200 million doses within the first 100 days. The fact that he’s rewriting history and taking credit for this continues to amaze me.”

The admiral went on to say that vaccine distribution is not “Biden’s story” to tell or to take credit for.

Gririor continued, “We got CVS and Walgreens to sign up for 99% of nursing homes.  The pharmacy program, we had already enrolled 40,000 pharmacies to be vaccinators and vaccination sites.”

Not surprisingly, the “so-called” media is not reporting on these facts and instead continues to spread lies and misinformation about Trump and the good he accomplished.

Had Donald Trump and his team not done what they did, Americans would not be receiving vaccines today.  It is because of his work and foresight that the vaccines were rolled out and that the public is now able to get them should they so choose.  But you’ll never hear left-wing media say any of that.

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