Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was blindsided by this shocking truth about electric vehicles

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Electric vehicles are the future of the automotive industry according to Democrats.

The wild promises about them aren’t squaring up with reality.

And Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was blindsided by this shocking truth about electric vehicles.

Democrats are moving at breakneck speed to try and force as many drivers as possible to switch to electric vehicles.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez – a Tesla owner – claims that electric vehicles will help reduce carbon emissions to fight climate change.

It’s dogma in the Democrat Party that these impractical Bidenmobiles are an environmentally friendly way to save the planet.

Study finds electric vehicles are worse for the environment

But an editorial in the Wall Street Journal cited a little-noticed 2022 study from Emission Analytics that found electric vehicles are worse for the environment than their gasoline-powered counterparts.

The study found that tires and brakes used by electric vehicles release 1,850 times more pollution than the tailpipe emissions of gasoline-powered vehicles.

Electric vehicles are significantly heavier than their gasoline-powered equivalents because of the massive batteries and engines used to power them.

The Ford F-150 Lighting electric weighs more than 2,000 pounds more than the gasoline-powered model.

This extra weight causes more wear and tear on tires and significantly reduces their lifespan.

Particle pollution from tires is the biggest source of emissions from vehicles.

Light duty tires used by electric vehicles are made of synthetic rubber that’s manufactured from crude oil, additives, and fillers.

As these tires are used, they release harmful particles into the air according to Emission Analytics.

Electric vehicles are doing what Democrats say they want to stop

Emissions Analytics founder and CEO Nick Molden told the New York Post that electric vehicles come with a downside.

“Tires are made up of a lot of nasty chemicals,” Molden said.

“But you have this downside of EVs that increases particle pollution. Air pollution is about what we breathe and the health effects,” Molden explained.

President Joe Biden and Democrats claim that electric vehicles produce zero emissions.

They’re using that flimsy justification to attempt to outlaw the sale of new gasoline-powered vehicles.

California has banned the sales of all new gasoline and diesel-powered vehicles by 2035.

Democrats are harming the environment that they claim that they care about with their electric vehicle push.

The electricity used to charge them is overwhelmingly generated by fossil fuels, which makes it impossible to call them zero-emissions vehicles.

Electric vehicles are another green delusion pushed by Democrats that will lower the quality of Americans’ lives.

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