A top Trump official gave Joe Biden a devastating reality check over this massive failure

    Joe Biden’s regime is one of the most scandal plagued in history.

    But one sneaky scheme is wreaking havoc.

    And a top Trump official gave Joe Biden a devastating reality check over this massive failure.

    The pandemic exposed the rot in the school systems across the country after parents were exposed to the radical left-wing curriculum being taught.

    The Left is injecting radical ideologies like Critical Race Theory and gender insanity to indoctrinate children.

    Teachers unions are the driving force behind pushing left-wing politics in the classroom and forcing schools to shut down during the pandemic.

    Now students are falling behind after schools bent to out-of-control demands from teachers unions.

    Former Trump Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is a leader in the school choice movement fighting to break the iron grip of unions over the education system.

    In a Fox News appearance, DeVos slammed teachers unions for their incredible damage on education.

    “These are in places where they are most heavily union controlled and more heavily influenced by the whims and wishes of those intent on adult issues, not in doing what’s right for kids,” DeVos said. “More than two million kids leaving the public school system. These are just other examples of their totally being out of touch with the needs of American families.”

    The pandemic created an explosion in the number of homeschoolers after public schools let down students.

    Teachers unions’ students-last agenda has fueled massive growth in the school choice movement across the country.

    DeVos explained that the pandemic exposed “how out-of-touch” union-dominated government schools are causing parents to seek out alternatives.

    “They’re focused not on what kids need to learn and to thrive, but on what they want and their political agenda and their political issues,” DeVos said “. . . not on the harm and on the impact on kids.”

    In 2019 the nation’s largest teachers union, the NEA (National Education Assocation) showed how uncommitted to education it was when a resolution to “rededicate itself to the pursuit of increased student learning” was voted down.

    “We know that those numbers and that data about learning was from before the pandemic. Imagine what those numbers are now today with millions and millions of kids out of school for months on end. Not to mention the learning loss but also the mental and emotional toll that it’s taken on kids,” DeVos said of union-led shutdowns.

    While conservative states are trying to give students options to recover from lost learning during the pandemic, the teachers unions are fighting them every step of the way.

    “It goes right back to this monopolistic government-run top-down system that has failed millions and millions of kids,” DeVos explained. “Parents are finally rising up and insisting that they have other options and other ways to make sure that their kids continue to learn [because] they’re falling further and further behind.”

    Democrats’ blank check support for teachers unions’ radical agenda is putting students last to advance left-wing politics.

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