A man could face jail time for not getting the vaccine after a judge issued this shocking order

After having universal lockdowns and mask mandates for over a year, the radical Left is now flirting with issuing vaccine mandates as well.

Major U.S. cities and businesses are now requiring their citizens or employees to get vaccinated or face severe consequences.

And now a man could face jail time for not getting the vaccine after a judge issued this shocking order.

COVID restrictions are getting more and more severe by the day.

Big Business and Big Government are working as partners to make vaccines mandatory in order to participate in public, everyday life.

Since most people have simply gone along with the Left’s increasingly authoritarian policies, they’re becoming more emboldened to restrict the freedoms of Americans while using coronavirus as an excuse.

Despite the fact that COVID vaccines do not even have full FDA authorization, universities, corporations, and localities are all starting to make them mandatory.

Cities like New York are requiring individuals to have at least one shot before entering gyms, concert halls, or restaurants.

San Francisco is even worse, requiring individuals to be fully vaccinated before participating in normal city life.

And now, the U.S. government has even begun imposing vaccines on American citizens.

An Ohio judge just demanded that a man on probation get the vaccine, or face jail time.

Judge Christopher Wagner was presiding over a probation hearing for 21-year-old Brandon Rutherford for past drug charges.

Then, Wagner demanded Rutherford get vaccinated within sixty days or face imprisonment.

When asked about his apparent abuse of judicial power, Wagner responded “The court’s responsibility when issuing a community control sanction is to rehabilitate the defendant and protect the community. Judges make decisions regularly regarding a defendant’s physical and mental health, such as ordering drug, alcohol, and mental health treatment.”

If Big Government is starting to impose their demands on people they have control over in the justice system, it’s only a matter of time before they start mandating the vaccines on every American.

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