A liberal comic told a joke about Joe Biden that made Democrats’ brains melt

Photo by Monica Silvestre from Pexels

Joe Biden is now officially a national punchline.

That’s a nearly impossible place for a politician to come back from.

And a liberal comic told a joke about Joe Biden that made Democrats’ brains melt.

Jon Stewart made his return to Comedy Central’s The Daily Show after leaving in 2015.

In many ways, Stewart served as the catalyst for the media’s spiral into endless bias and partisan leftwing partisanship with his 2004 takedown of Crossfire and nightly sniping at Republicans under the guise of a newscast.

Journalists began to take their cues from Stewart and now openly root for Democrats to win elections and pass their agenda.

But the press and Left didn’t greet Stewart’s return with joy.

In fact, they were furious.

And that’s because Stewart had the temerity to use this return episode to mock Joe Biden for being senile.

Stewart played a montage of Democrats attesting to Joe Biden’s mental fitness based on their private meetings with him.

“Did anyone film that?” Stewart mockingly asked in response.

Stewart then shredded the way Democrats expect Americans to believe their sycophantic tales about Biden’s wonderous cognitive abilities when the best Biden can do in public is go on TikTok for a 15-second video about ice cream.

“Because if you’re telling us behind the scenes he is sharp and full of energy and on top of it and really in control and leading, you should film that. That would be good to show to people instead of a TikTok where he goes, ‘Chocolate chip cookie!’ We see he’s in charge, you see, ‘I like cookies!’” Stewart exclaimed.

Stewart said both candidates owed it to voters to show they were up for the job and that Democrats expect the media and public to ignore Biden’s issues for the sake of democracy.

“One thing we know for certain is this. We have two candidates who are chronologically outside the norm of anyone who has run for the Presidency in this country in the history of this country. They’re the oldest people ever to run for President, breaking by only four years the record that they set the last time they ran!” Stewart declared.

“You know what? I think we’ve got a new name for election coverage. Indecision 2024: Antiques Roadshow. Alright, look, here’s what I’m gonna tell you. We’re not suggesting neither man is vibrant, productive, or even capable, but they are both stretching the limits of being able to handle the toughest job in the world. What’s crazy is thinking that we are the ones, as voters, who must silence concerns and criticisms. It is the candidate’s job to assuage concerns, not the voter’s job not to mention them,” Stewart added.

Stewart’s commentary didn’t go over well at all on the left.

Since Stewart left the stage in 2015 Democrats now expect the media to line up in lockstep behind their candidates.

Terms like “bothsideism” and “false equivalency” are now commonplace on the Left and used to bully the media into not reporting on any negative story about Democrats because the 100 percent focus of all coverage should be on how horrible Republicans are, since any sin committed by Democrats pales in comparison to the supposed “horrors” on the Right.

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