Your jaw will drop when you find out how much the government is spending on a “Hamster Fight Club”

Joe Biden’s Deep State Democrats are learning why the first and second rules of fight club are that you do not talk about fight club.

If you break the first and the second rule, taxpayers will learn that the government sanctioned the creation of a hamster fight club.

Then taxpayers’ jaws will hit the floor when they learn how much the government is spending on said hamster fight club.

According to the Department of Labor, April marked the eleventh straight month of inflation above 5 percent and prices rose 0.3 percent from March’s equally dismal numbers.

The Consumer Price Index rose 8.3 percent compared to a year ago and was much worse than economists originally predicted.

But you don’t need government reports to tell you how bad inflation is, all you need to do is fill up your tank with gas or go to your local grocery store.

Inflation is here to stay and it is unfortunately going to stay here for a while, largely because of the government spending our tax dollars on stupid things like hamster fight clubs.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) and the National Science Foundation (NSF) spent over $1.5 million of your tax dollars, according to the nonprofit organization White Coat Waste.

Defenders of the Biden administration will claim that $1.5 million is a proverbial drop in the bucket and wouldn’t really impact inflation.

While that may technically be true, it still speaks to the larger attitude of leftists and government bureaucrats thinking they can continuously waste money, while working class families are struggling to put food on the table and keep the lights on in their homes.

And while $1.5 million may be a relatively small amount of government spending on an isolated program, if you start counting every single one of those isolated programs the price tag and inflationary impact starts to add up quickly.

Now while the idea of a hamster fight club sounds like a ridiculous idea for a Family Guy bit, and admittedly it does, the reality of the program is much darker and crueler then one would expect.

White Coat Waste reports, “First, they genetically engineered hamsters, then they drilled into their skulls, and finally, they pitted the hamsters against one another in staged, scored fights.”

The genetically modified hamsters would exhibit aggressive behaviors such as chasing, biting, and pinning the non-modified hamster they were pitted against in an “arena.”

Justin Goodman, the Senior Vice President of White Coat Waste, further detailed the depraved nature of the experiment by saying, “Hacking hamsters’ brains to turn them into hyper-aggressive bullies and watching them violently beat up docile hamsters in scored cage matches is deeply disturbing, irrelevant to human health, and a complete waste of taxpayer dollars.”

And after these so-called “matches,” hamsters were not given any pain relief because researchers believed doing so would “defeat the purpose of the research.”

Make no mistake about it, this is taxpayer-funded animal abuse, plain and simple.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, our tax dollars are making such sick “experiments” possible while exacerbating the inflationary pains Americans are experiencing in Joe Biden’s America.

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