Tucker Carlson made one announcement that sent House Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries into a fit of rage

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Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson is the number-one rated host of the number-one rated show on cable TV.

Democrats have been trying for years to get Tucker Carlson taken off the air.

But now Tucker Carlson just made one announcement that sent House Democrat Leader Hakeem Jeffries into a fit of rage.

Nancy Pelosi’s witch hunt committee spent a full year allegedly conducting a thorough investigation of the events at the Capitol on January 6.

Of course, Pelosi’s committee had zero interest in discovering what really happened that day.

Instead, the goal of the committee was to prevent Donald Trump from running for President in 2024 either by convincing Merrick Garland to bring charges against him or by tricking Republicans into believing he can’t win due to the scandals surrounding his candidacy.

The committee put on Hollywood-style hearings where only anti-Trump witnesses were allowed to testify and cherry-picked footage from January 6 was shown to the public.

Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats refused to release the more than 41,000 hours of footage from January 6 in the committee’s possession that show what really happened that day.

But Kevin McCarthy promised to release the footage if Republicans won back the House and he became Speaker.

As Right News Wire previously reported, now that he is Speaker, McCarthy is following through on his promise by handing over the 41,000 plus hours of footage to Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson.

Carlson and his staff are reviewing the footage and are planning to release portions they believe the public should see in the coming weeks.

And Democrats are flipping out over it.

Democrat House Leader Hakeem Jeffries sent out a Dear Colleague letter and scheduled a caucus meeting to discuss what he described as a “breach of security.”

“I write with respect to public reports that extreme MAGA Republicans in the House have provided tens of thousands of hours of sensitive Capitol security footage to a FOX News personality who regularly peddles in conspiracy theories and Pro-Putin rhetoric,” Jeffries wrote in his Dear Colleague letter. “The apparent transfer of video footage represents an egregious security breach that endangers the hardworking women and men of the United States Capitol Police, who valiantly defended our democracy with their lives at risk on that fateful day.”

Jeffries went on to say that since Nancy Pelosi and her cronies “were able to diligently review the security footage in question,” there is no need for Tucker Carlson to see the 41,000 hours of video from January 6.

The Democrat Leader concluded his letter by parroting the same talking points about Republicans being violent insurrectionists that the Left has been spewing since the events that day.

Jeffries called it “yet another example of the grave threat to the security of the American people represented by the extreme MAGA Republican majority.”

Of course, Jefferies is not truly concerned about a “breach of security.”

Many believe he is concerned that the footage will show that the Democrats lied and fabricated the events on January 6 to try and take down Donald Trump.

And that would be a nightmare come true for Joe Biden and the Democrats.

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