Trump has Democrats panicking in 2024 for this gigantic reason

Democrats and RINOs are doing everything they can to stop Donald Trump from running again for president.

Trump has not publicly announced his intentions, but they’re attempting to use January 6th as an excuse to stop him.

Now, Trump has Democrats panicking in 2024 for one gigantic reason.

Whether or not Donald Trump runs for re-election in 2024, the Democrats have some serious problems on their hands.

Joe Biden is wildly unpopular, and the Republicans have their largest lead ever in the generic Congressional ballot at this point in the election season.

And in a hypothetical rematch between Trump and Biden, Hispanic voters are essentially split between the two.

That’s disastrous news for the Democrats because they need at least 60% of the Hispanic vote to win national elections.

The Hispanic voting trends in Texas have the Democrats deeply concerned.

Mayra Flores, a top GOP Congressional candidate in South Texas, explained how grassroots efforts in the state have improved Republicans’ outcomes in the state.

Flores said:

“For so long, people here just never had Republicans knocking on their doors and calling them the way we did in 2020. The majority of us are women that did it then and are doing it now because we feel it’s our responsibility to keep the American Dream alive.”

Democrats have gone all in on the strategy of appeasing Hispanic voters by essentially advocating for open borders, but unsurprisingly, many Latinos in Texas also share America First beliefs.

In 2020, Donald Trump got the largest GOP share of the nonwhite vote since 1960, and a big part of that was Latino support.

Trump was the first Republican since 1920 to win Zapata County in Texas, and in nearby Starr County, he only lost by 5 points even though he lost to Hillary Clinton in 2016 by an eye-popping 80 points.

Both Zapata and Starr County have heavy Latino populations.

According to Politico, Hispanic voters in South Texas “want more border security or are staunchly against abortions” and they feel that “their husbands, family members, neighbors and friends that are Border Patrol agents or are in law enforcement are being unfairly villainized by Democrats.”

It makes perfect sense considering these are the communities that often get flooded with unmanageable amounts of illegal immigration.

Politico added that Hispanics in South Texas, “worry Democrats are hostile to the oil and gas industry, which provides many good-paying jobs in the state. They worry the left is forgetting family values and the value of work.”

The radicalism of the Left is disenchanting voters around the country, even in Democrat strongholds.

Terry McAuliffe’s defeat in Virginia should have been a wakeup call, but appears as though the Democrats are doubling down.

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