This woke “civil rights” group just gave one hate preacher a shocking pass

Progressivism is rotting out several institutions.

Countless universities, companies, and nonprofit organizations have fully embraced far-left politics.

Now this woke “civil rights” group just gave one hate preacher a shocking pass.

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has shredded whatever credibility they had left as a so-called “civil rights” organization.

Over time, the group that made it a mission to root out the Ku Klux Klan and other actual hate groups morphed into a corrupt cash cow attacking anyone on the center-right as “racist.”

Now the SPLC has over half a billion dollars in assets, and they get it by raking in money from leftists as they go after anyone associated with the political Right in any way.

For example, liberal UK radio host Maajid Nawaz was labeled an anti-Islamic hate preacher by the SPLC (for criticizing Islamic extremism) even though he’s a practicing Muslim.

Nawaz sued the SPLC and they settled before the case made it to court.

But now the SPLC announced that radical black separatists will no longer be tracked by the organization.

This is truly unbelievable.

The SPLC is essentially saying that Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and other extremists are justified in their hateful rhetoric.

The SPLC’s decision is both dangerous and immoral.

The hard Left is willing to justify anything – including violence – so long as it’s in service of their political aims.

This is the type of racist and anti-semitic language the SPLC is now condoning:

Just as the ACLU no longer defends speech they don’t like, the SPLC no longer targets hate.

Both institutions have been corrupted, and in the case of the SPLC, not just ideologically; co-founder Morris Dees was booted from the organization amid numerous allegations of workplace misconduct.

The Left will rot every institution to their core if allowed to do so.

Leftists like to operate in the dark, so lovers of liberty have to stay vigilant and shine a light on their corruption.

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