This top Republican Congressman called out Biden’s insane border crisis plan

Joe Biden’s administration is in total collapse.

He has lost control on virtually every single hot-button issue.

Now this top Republican Congressman called out Biden’s insane border crisis plan.

Joe Biden has pursued radical policies even though he sold the American people on being a moderate President.

None of Biden’s initiatives have been more radical than his border policy.

Donald Trump worked to ease the border crisis, and Biden exploded it on day one.

Now Republican Congressman Kevin McCarthy is calling out Biden’s absurd plan to track migrants coming into the country.

While touring the southern border in Texas, McCarthy said in an interview, “And then going through the processing and watching the ICE facility provide these individuals with phones. Literally, putting the phones together for them and facial recognition and handing them a phone where they can call anywhere. And that’s the way we’re going to track somebody walking into America?”

So the Biden administration’s grand plan for tracking illegal aliens is giving them a smartphone and hoping they will show up for their immigration hearing.

This is catch-and-release on steroids.

The Trump administration’s Remain in Mexico policy cut down significantly on fraudulent asylum claims, but with Biden in charge, the charade continues.

Over 90% of asylum claims are denied, which means Biden is providing illegal aliens with smartphones on the taxpayer’s dime.

Americans consistently vote against illegal immigration, but they keep getting more of it.

That’s because the establishment players of both parties want more immigration, either for Congressional representation, future voters, or cheap labor.

Democrats made the incorrect calculation that open borders was a policy favored by Hispanic voters.

It turns out that Hispanic communities on the southern border do not want their resources strained and their jobs undercut.

Counties that have long been Democrat strongholds are turning purple.

Some Democrats in the region have even switched their party affiliation to Republican.

And the Democrats are digging an even deeper hole.

Biden is trying to undo Title 42, a provision enacted under Trump that allowed border security to deny entry on public health grounds, namely COVID.

The Biden administration wants to nix Title 42 with no plan in place to manage the influx of illegal aliens it will generate.

That means border communities can expect to get another wave of mass migration that they did not ask for.

And the migrants will be getting phones, too.

This is precisely why Texas Governor Greg Abbott has begun taking matters into his own hands.

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