This top Democrat called for followers to “burn down every police precinct”

In today’s political environment, there is virtually no such thing as a moderate Democrat.

The far-left radicals, like those who support groups like Antifa, have completely taken over the Democrat Party.

So it makes perfect sense that this top Democrat called for her followers to “burn every cop precinct to the ground.”

On Monday, the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee announced the hiring of several new additions to their executive team, including new Chief Technology Officer, Erica Joy Baker.

In a statement, DCCC Chair Sean Patrick Maloney said, “These new additions to the DCCC are seasoned operatives who know what it takes to win. I am thrilled to welcome these talented operatives on board, and I look forward to our continued work as we assemble the team that will protect Democrats’ House majority in 2022.”

One thing the announcement failed to mention was the past statements Erica Joy Baker made that appear to encourage domestic terrorism and violence against law enforcement.

But thanks to a report from the Daily Caller, we now know that Baker has often called to defund the police, referred to officers as “giant pieces of sh*t,” and called for her followers on social media to burn down every police precinct, shut down highways, and throw tear gas at cops if she’s ever killed by the police.

In a tweet from September 24, 2020, Baker said, “If the cops kill me, the only way to ‘sully’ my legacy is to *not* be out in the streets. If the cops kill me, burn every cop precinct to the ground. If the cops kill me, shut down the highways and throw the teargas back at em when they try you. gtfo with that ‘sully’ sh*t.”

On June 11, 2020, she also tweeted, “My favorite take thus far: ‘we have an epidemic in sf: giant pieces of shit walking around killing sf residents. you can try to re-form a piece of shit, but what you’re left with is still a piece of sh*t.”

And on June 5, 2020, she called for the defunding of the police when responding to another Twitter user by saying, “The first one you linked does not meet the criteria. i am talking specifically about defunding the police.”

As one would expect, Baker went to great lengths to purge her Twitter account of many of the statements reported on by the Daily Caller

But when you seemingly constantly rant and rave against law enforcement with some of the most disgusting sentiments imaginable, there are often some that get missed.

Many of those other comments were brought to light by an additional report from Fox News, who dug up several other anti-law enforcement tweets posted by Baker.

“I hate the police. The institution of policing, with it’s history of criminalizing and weaponizing blackness, is a farce. And I hate it,” Baker tweeted on September 20, 2016.

While any objective human can see that Baker’s comments are deplorable, her most egregious and ridiculous statement may have come on April 19, 2020 when she tweeted, “F— this institution founded on the capture and killing of black bodies, this modern day slave patrol we call the police.”

That fact was either completely missed by the DCCC when they vetted Baker for the role of Chief Technology Officer, or it was considered to be a prerequisite in her hiring.

Either way, it’s clear that Baker’s views of law enforcement will endear her to the radicals that make up the modern Democrat Party.

At the end of the day, appearing to encourage domestic terrorism and violence against police isn’t an issue for Democrats, so long as they win elections, of course.

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