This State Legislature rejected their Governor’s veto of a bill banning men from women’s sports

It’s not often that South Dakota makes national headlines.

But that’s exactly what has been happening over the past two weeks as a battle over the protection of women’s sports has garnered national interest.

That won’t change anytime soon either, as the State Legislature has now rejected the Governor’s veto of a bill banning biological men from competing in women’s sports.

Roughly two weeks ago, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem vetoed a bill passed by the State Legislature that would have banned biological males from competing in women’s sports, after previously claiming she was “excited” to sign the bill into law.

After vetoing the bill, Noem essentially admitted to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson that she flip-flopped on the issue after receiving pressure from the NCAA, Amazon, and the Chamber of Commerce, amongst others.

With her “style and form” veto, Noem sent edits to the State Legislature that critics of her actions say gutted the bill by removing protections from the collegiate level, but also appeased those corporate powers.

On Monday, though, the South Dakota House voted 67-2 to reject Noem’s edits, and send the bill back to her desk as it was originally written.

According to State Rep. Fred Deutsch, the House believed that Noem’s decision to use a “style and form” veto was “unconstitutional.”

Now, the bill is heading back to Noem’s desk for her to either sign or outright veto, putting all of the pressure back on her to either sign the bill as she originally promised to do, or once again cave to the pressure from far-left organizations.

Noem earned a reputation as a strong conservative Governor throughout the COVID pandemic as she refused to shut down her state and allowed citizens to make their own decisions.

But throughout the controversy over her veto, she has gone from potential Republican Presidential candidate, to one of the least trusted Governors in the country.

If Governor Noem was sincere in her conservative bona fides, and truly had intentions to sign the legislation prior to her veto, she should have no problem signing the bill into law and fighting against the far-left who wants to use legal action to stop the bill.

No matter what she chooses to do, voters in South Dakota and across the country will be watching.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story. 

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