This state just shocked the nation with one vaccine rule

The COVID-19 pandemic is retreating.

But the political elite don’t want everything to go back to normal.

And this one state just shocked the nation with one vaccine rule.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, so-called “guidance” from the government has flip-flopped too many times to count.

They started by begging people not to wear masks so healthcare professionals would have enough, then they turned around months later and mandated every American wear a mask for a year. 

Then when masks proved to be almost completely ineffective, they virtue-signaled the idea of “double masking.”

And their biggest flip-flop is becoming painfully apparent with new guidance that just came out of Washington state.

Washington’s Department of Labor and Industries just announced that people working in Washington can ditch the masks if their bosses can verify their vaccination status, and they can continue to force workers to wear masks if they are vaccinated or not.

Governor Jay Inslee came out soon after this release clarifying that businesses can trust customers who are not masked to be vaccinated, BUT they also may demand proof. 

If any customer refuses to answer a personal, private question about their health or refuses to wear a mask, then they must be kicked off the premises.

David Groves, communications director for the Washington State Labor Council, went even further saying, “if people get in the habit of putting on a mask when they go into a public place or into a retail establishment or a restaurant, I don’t see the harm in maintaining that habit” – effectively saying that we should mask forever.

Luckily for Washingtonians, they don’t have it as bad as their neighbors in Oregon. 

Oregon requires that businesses verify vaccination status if they want customers to go mask free. 

There are still contentious talks of a national vaccine passport scheme to create two classes of citizens. 

And with Joe Biden in office, that nightmare may soon become a reality. 

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