This green fuel breakthrough should be the future of clean energy. But the government and the “green” lobby want to kill it

California just banned gas powered cars by the year 2035.

Ironically, they are forcing the switch to electric vehicles, while at the same time telling people not to charge them.

But this green fuel breakthrough should be the real future of clean energy unless the government and the “green” lobby kill it.

While California and other Democrat-run states around the country prepare to ram electric vehicles (EVs) down the throats of Americans, some scientists are doing work that actually would make a real difference.

And their work would make a difference without the numerous problems of EVs.

Most “green” activists refuse to discuss the problems with EVs, like the exorbitant cost of the batteries and the use of child and slave labor in the mining of the materials needed for the batteries.

Of course, there is also the fact that charging the batteries for EVs requires electricity, usually, ironically enough, from coal powered electric plants.

Fortunately for those concerned about alternatives to the gas-powered automobile there is now a better alternative.

Hydrogen powered vehicles are now a clear, more effective, more reliable, and more cost efficient alternative than electric vehicles.

And now, the one major problem with hydrogen fuel, isolating it without using a lot of energy, has just been solved.

Specifically, a scientist has now developed a technique of turning water into hydrogen fuel at room temperature, solving the fundamental problem with the use of hydrogen fuel.

This should make hydrogen-powered ICE (internal combustion) engines the no-brainer path forward for green energy alternatives to the gas-powered internal combustion engine, instead of EVs.

In fact, at the 2021 Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show, there was a lot of buzz about Arrington Performance’s brilliant concept.

Arrington Performance showed a 1949 Chevrolet truck that runs on hydrogen gas.

It technically has an LS engine with a supercharger.

The truck runs on hydrogen, which is already available in California in 40 different stations.

Instead of a fuel tank, the 49 Chevy comes with a hydrogen tank metered at 5,000 psi.

Not only is this a better solution than its EV sister, but the hydrogen setup is also more efficient than regular fuel.

For example, it has three times the power of gas, which means you don’t need a big fuel tank.

And like any other internal combustion engine, the hydrogen powered engine comes with a camshaft and pistons, the only difference is the fuel source.

Another advantage is in oil consumption.

The piston rings on this setup are a little lower on the piston, it’s especially clean inside, and the oil control is different.

Since the oil does not come into contact with any normal gasoline combustion byproducts, it’s at least possible in theory that the oil could last forever.

And though these engines run on hydrogen, that doesn’t mean they’re slow.

For example, the LS engine in the 49 Chevy comes with a Magnuson supercharger, which helps it make 500 hp.

Even with all that power, the only emissions are water.

That means this hydrogen powered engine will be a beast in your vehicle, but good for the planet.

But expect the leftists and “green” lobby to oppose hydrogen power because after all to them it’s never been about saving the planet – it’s all about control.

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