This Democrat Senator joined Republicans in criticizing DHS Secretary Mayorkas over the backlog of requests

Joe Biden is not having a good first year in office.

Biden and members of his team are being hammered by crisis after crisis – all of which they caused.

And now this Democrat Senator has joined Republicans in criticizing DHS Secretary Mayorkas over the backlog of requests.

Joe Biden likely expected lots of pushback and criticism from the Right, but now it’s coming from his own party.

The actions by Biden and his team have caused skyrocketing inflation, loss of jobs for everyday Americans, and unnecessary loss of life in Afghanistan.

The Republicans have been demanding answers since day one but now some Democrats are joining the GOP in its quest for answers.

Senator Jon Ossoff, a Democrat from Georgia, questioned Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas’ lack of responsiveness to subcommittee requests.

The Senator says Mayorkas and his team at DHS have been unresponsive to “a number of requests” sent by the Senate’s Permanent Select Subcommittee back in July.

This is just another example of the Biden administration believing they are above answering to Congress.

One would think Joe Biden knows better but he doesn’t care.

So, now the administration has ticked off Congress and is being forced to provide answers.

Ossoff told Mayorkas that the Senate is obligated to oversee what is going on and the DHS’s lack of response is unbecoming of the government agency.

“I also want to state here publicly for the record, while we’ve got you, that, regardless of the administration’s party, the Senate has an obligation to conduct vigorous oversight, to be assertive in using our authorities and prerogatives to secure the information necessary to oversee the executive branch’s past and current activities,” Senator Ossoff stated.

Mayorkas didn’t directly answer Ossoff’s question about the cause of the lagging response time other than to say DHS is implementing “new procedures” to help reduce response time.

The DHS Secretary added they will do a better job.

“Nevertheless, that is a commitment and obligation of ours and we will do a better job of fulfilling it,” Mayorkas said.

When Senator Ossoff asked Mayorkas where the requests his committee submitted in July were, Mayorkas told him he would “look into it.”

The Biden administration pushes off questions they don’t want to answer with vague responses that prove there is far more going on behind closed doors than anyone is being told.

It doesn’t look good for Mayorkas and his team at DHS when a Senator from the President’s own Party is asking for information.

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