This 80-year-old store owner just went to town in the most badass way possible

Democrats want people of all ages left helpless so they can justify taking more power for themselves.

But some citizens refuse.

And one just went to town in the most badass way possible.

Crime is getting worse every day.

And violent crime is running rampant, especially in California where liberal politicians have decided to simply give up.

That means individuals are left to fend for themselves, and for many of them they’ve simply had enough.

For criminals who’ve been getting away with literal murder, that’s bad news.

Just look at what happened to this now one-armed bandit in Norco, California recently.

An 80-year-old shotgun-wielding store owner disarmed the thug in the most badass way possible — literally.

When four armed criminals hit his store ready to do major damage, the store’s owner decided he wouldn’t stand for it.

On Sunday, July 31, at 2:45 a.m. in the small horse country town west of Los Angeles, four male suspects wearing face coverings and hoods pulled into the parking lot of the Norco Market & Liquor store in a black SUV.

One of the suspects went into the store brandishing a rifle.

That’s when 80-year-old store owner Craig Cope sprang into action.

Cope had seen the suspects exiting the vehicle outside his store on his surveillance cameras. Marnie Tapia, an employee of Cope’s, said “he saw them coming.”

And Cope then grabbed the shotgun that he keeps behind the counter.

In the footage of the exchange, Cope can be heard offering the suspect a brief warning. But the suspect ignored him and continued to aim his rifle at Cope.

The store owner then opened fire, hitting the would-be robber in the arm.

The wounded suspect then fled back to the vehicle, screaming, “He shot my arm off, he shot my arm off.”

While the wounded suspect, who has yet to be named by officials, remains hospitalized and in critical condition, the other three suspects were arrested and taken into police custody in the hospital parking lot and booked for robbery and conspiracy.

According to the Riverside County sheriff’s department, the three would-be criminals are being held on $500,000 bail.

Not surprisingly, the suspects’ vehicle was reported stolen and is said by police to have contained numerous stolen firearms.

As for Cope, it appears he will not be facing any charges.

The Riverside County sheriff’s department noted that Cope is a “lawfully armed member of our community” and he “prevented a violent crime and ensured their own safety, while being confronted with multiple armed suspects.”

Store employee Marnie Tapia told ABC7 News that they had been warned ahead of time by the sheriff’s department about crimes of this sort in the area: “Just be on your toes … [Cope] was on his toes, thank God.”

On his toes indeed. And well-armed.

Well, Mr. Cope is well-armed. His attacker, not so much.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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