The White House can no longer hide Biden’s cognitive decline and these videos prove it

People have questioned Joe Biden’s mental abilities since before he even took the oath to serve as President of the United States.

While age isn’t always a determining factor in someone’s mental capabilities, it shouldn’t go unnoted that Biden is the oldest man ever inaugurated as President for his first term.

Now the White House can no longer hide Biden’s cognitive decline and these videos prove it.

More and more information is surfacing of Biden’s bizarre behavior.

Unfortunately for Biden and his staff, in this modern age of technology, video clips of his fumbling and missteps are prevalent.

Americans want answers, and they deserve answers.

The leader of the United States of America is falling apart before our eyes, but the Democrats don’t appear to care.

Last week, Biden held a press conference where the plan was to pump up the better-than-expected jobs report.

However, in true Biden fashion, the focus fell away from jobs and onto his inability to piece together a simple sentence.

In what is now becoming a very common thing in Biden’s speeches, the President lost his train of thought and stumbled over his words.

Biden meant to say that America is facing a “pandemic of the unvaccinated,” but instead stated “vacation of the unvaccinated.”

While some may argue everyone trips over their words every now and then, this is not an isolated incident, and it appears to be happening more frequently.

The speech got worse when Biden stated 350 million Americans got the COVID vaccine.

At last count, there are only 328 million people in the United States.

That’s a fairly large gaffe for the President of the United States.

Also, at this point, only 166 million Americans are fully vaccinated, so where the 350 million number even came from is anyone’s guess.

Experts believed that Kamala Harris would be the obvious replacement for Biden when he was eventually forced to step down, but Harris is having one of the worst political performances of her career.

It’s unlikely the Democrat Party will want to run Harris in 2024, given her low polling numbers, total mishandling of the border crisis, and constant mess-ups during interviews with friendly reporters.

Looks like the Democrats have a lot of work to do before they figure out who could possibly take over for Biden.

Stay tuned to Right News Wire for any updates to this ongoing story.

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