The White House called Kamala Harris’s visit to the hospital “routine” but Americans know exactly why she went

On Sunday, Kamala Harris was taken to Walter Reed Medical Center.

It just so happened that this hospital visit came a few days after Harris had close contact with the group of irresponsible Democrat lawmakers from Texas – some of whom had just tested positive for COVID.

The White House called Kamala Harris’s visit to the hospital “routine,” but Americans know exactly why she went.

Last Tuesday, Kamala Harris met with the group of Texas Democrats who fled the state to block an election integrity vote.

Not long after her meeting with the group, news broke that six of the lawmakers from Texas had tested positive for the coronavirus – all six were fully vaccinated.

When it was reported that Harris had been taken to Walter Reed Medical for a “routine” doctor’s appointment, many were left scratching their heads and asking why on a Sunday.

This led to speculation that Harris was actually being tested for COVID because she had spent time in close proximity to the lawbreaking group of Texans.

Symone Sanders, spokeswoman for Harris, claimed that the Vice President was not in close contact with those who did test positive for coronavirus, but no one was buying it.

On Monday, it was released that Harris tested negative for COVID.

If she didn’t go to be tested for it, why was it necessary to announce she had a negative result?

During the Monday press briefing, Jen Psaki stated that Harris’s office released specific details about the proximity of the Vice President to the individuals from Texas that tested positive.

When pressed about whether or not the White House was upset that these Democrat lawmakers had not worn masks on their flight to DC, Psaki declined to directly respond.

“I don’t think I’m going to be in a position here to assess what safety precautions they may or may not have taken,” Psaki said.

Of course, everyone knows that masks are for nothing more than virtue signaling by the Left, and if that was a plane full of Republicans, Psaki would be losing her mind over the pictures of maskless lawmakers, but it’s a bunch of Democrats so no action will be taken.

If, by chance, Harris was actually taken to the hospital for something other than a COVID test, her team needs to let Americans know what is going on.

Given the cagey nature of the administration and the rush to announce in the press that Harris was negative, most people can easily deduce that the White House was concerned the VP had contracted coronavirus from the Texas Democrats.

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