The United Nations just made one deadly demand of European nations suffering an energy crisis

European nations are suffering through the worst energy crisis in history, just as winter approaches.

And efforts are being considered to help solve the crisis.

But the United Nations just made one deadly demand of European nations suffering through the energy crisis.

The United Nations started as a utopian socialist effort to create a one world government.

And over the last few decades they’ve gained more power and control than anyone thought possible.

The U.N. is rife with corruption, mismanagement, and forces nations to undertake policies that harm rather than help the people of the world.

Yet no nation is willing to stand up to the U.N. and the United States funds it despite its anti-American bias.

Now, as the entire world is struggling with the worst energy crisis in generations the U.N. has issued a dire warning to European nations.

Their edict is that no European nation may even consider, under any circumstances, a return to fossil fuels in response to skyrocketing prices and predicted winter shortages.

Europe, like the U.S. and much of the world has been hit by an energy busting trifecta.

Russia has reduced supplies of gas to Europe since its invasion of Ukraine, supply chain issues due to the misguided and criminal response by governments to COVID, and the downright idiotic “green” energy policies of the Left have all combined to threaten millions of lives due to energy shortages.

Despite these serious problems and the death and destruction they could cause, deputy U.N. rights chief Nada Al Nashif told the United Nations Human Rights Council, “There is no room for backtracking in the face of the ongoing climate crisis.”

Nashif claimed, with no evidence, proof, or facts to back her up that the devastating floods affecting more than 33 million people in Pakistan are an example of what will happen to the world’s climate if there is a return to fossil fuels instead of seeking alternatives.

“How many more tragedies of this sort do we need before the urgency of the moment jolts us into action?” she pleaded.

Of course, Nashif ignored the tragedy that is threatening to kill millions due to no energy.

However she did admit soaring energy prices in Europe “threaten to impact the most vulnerable as winter approaches.”

But that is of no consequence to the radical socialist “greenies.”

That’s why Al Nashif said, “some E.U. member states are turning to investments in fossil fuels infrastructure and supplies” and declared they must stop.

“While that impulse is understandable, I urge the E.U. and its member states to consider the long-term consequences of locking in more fossil fuel infrastructure,” she declared.

“It is essential to accelerate the development of energy efficiency projects and renewables.”

Even as the U.N. looks towards Europe and demands an end to any potential return to fossil fuel as a power source, elsewhere in the world nothing has changed.

As Breitbart News reported, a paper released last year by the U.S.-based Global Energy Monitor (GEM) and Helsinki-based Center for Research on Energy and Clean Air (CREA) found Communist China built over three times as much coal-fired electrical power capacity in 2020 as the rest of the world combined.

And don’t expect the ChiComms to end this expansion of coal-fired power anytime soon, the U.N. doesn’t care about what the communists do.

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