The media let the cat out of the bag on this major decision for Ron DeSantis

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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has become one of the most talked about politicians in the country.

Now his political future is starting to come into focus. 

But the media let the cat out of the bag on this major decision for Ron DeSantis.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis became a rising political star among conservatives during the pandemic after he stood up to totalitarian restrictions pushed by the likes of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Since then, he’s only cemented himself as one of the most popular figures in the Republican Party.

The biggest question of the 2024 Presidential election is whether or not DeSantis will throw his hat in the ring and challenge former President Donald Trump in the Republican Primary.

He’s kept his cards close to his vest about his political future but a media outlet is reporting that he’s getting ready to run.

The Washington Post is reporting that the Florida Governor has already privately made a decision about running for President.

According to The Post, two sources close to DeSantis confirmed that he plans to enter the Presidential race later this year.

He would likely announce his candidacy after Florida’s legislative session wraps up in May.

DeSantis is expected to add to his growing list of conservative victories in the legislature and use that as a springboard for his announcement.

The Florida Governor has already taken steps that could be laying the groundwork for a future Presidential campaign.

He released a book about his time as Governor, The Courage to Be Free, a move typical of Presidential candidates of both parties.

In promoting his book, DeSantis has visited Iowa and Nevada, two early states on the Republican Presidential Primary calendar.

He’s expected to visit New Hampshire later this month, which is home to the first Presidential Primary.

Ken Cuccinelli was the acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security during the Trump administration.

He launched the Never Back Down PAC to encourage DeSantis to run for President.

The Post reported that the PAC could be an outside spending source supporting a DeSantis campaign and another sign a Presidential bid is in the works.

“The energy is there; grassroots conservatives see the Governor as a leader and a fighter with a winning conservative track record who will lead the Republican Party to victory in 2024,” Cuccinelli said. “Based on those conversations, I am most confident that we will build an unmatched grassroots political army for Governor DeSantis to help carry him to the White House.”

Despite the lack of an announcement, DeSantis could be maneuvering behind the scenes to launch a campaign. 

Polling shows that the Republican Primary would be a two-horse race between DeSantis and Trump.

And Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump could be headed towards a heavyweight showdown in the Republican Presidential Primary.

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