The Left’s radical education agenda was just exposed for all to see

Government education has been used as a tool to indoctrinate kids.

Republican parents are finally fighting back against the propaganda.

And the Left’s radical education agenda was just exposed for all to see.

Near the end of Donald Trump’s term, he shined a light on the neo-Marxist doctrine of Critical Race Theory.

CRT essentially uses the old Marxist dialectic of bourgeoisie versus proletariat, but substitutes “race” for “class.”

Trump was informed about CRT because of reporting from independent journalist Christopher Rufo, who’s been one of the main drivers of the fight against this radical doctrine.

The Democrats keep moving the goalposts on CRT, first arguing it wasn’t being taught, then claiming it was only being taught in college, then settling on that it was being taught but it was simply accurate history.

Democrats are again arguing it is not being taught in K-12 education, but Rufo again brought receipts to expose the Left’s lies.

The battle over CRT has sharply come into focus in Loudoun County, Virginia where parents are exasperated by radical administrators and teachers.

Former Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe tried to argue that CRT was just a right-wing conspiracy.

But Rufo wrote on his blog:

Terry McAuliffe claims that critical race theory is “dog whistle” and has “never been taught in Virginia.”

“But in 2015, when McAuliffe was last governor, the Virginia Department of Education instructed public schools to “embrace critical race theory” in order to “re-engineer attitudes and belief systems.”

McAuliffe has called opposition to critical race theory a “right-wing conspiracy” and slandered parents as “racist.” But his own administration, and subsequently, the Northam Administration, have extensively promoted critical race theory to all Virginia public schools.

It became even more difficult to deny the existence of CRT because it was listed on the county website.

Not only is CRT being taught, it’s being used as the framework for building curriculum.

CRT and other radical ideas were cooked up on radical college campuses, and they’ve seeped down to K-12 over the decades.

Parents are starting to realize the severity of the threat, and they’re rightfully pushing back.

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