The Left is calling for this Senator’s expulsion after the death of a police officer

Biden may have campaigned on a platform of unity, but the first week of his term is looking like anything but a coming together of parties.

There should be no doubt that the primary goal of the Democrats is to wipe out the Republican Party, not bring the country together.

And now the Left is calling for this Senator’s expulsion after the death of a police officer.

As soon as Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri announced he would be the first Senator to object to Pennsylvania’s Electoral College results, the left-wing media made him public enemy number one.

Fake news outlets all over the country began falsely accusing Hawley of inciting the riot at the Capitol that led to five deaths, including a police officer.

In a recent edition of Morning Joe, co-host Joe Scarborough lost his mind after seeing a front-page op-ed by Hawley in the New York Post blasting the Left, their cancel culture, and non-stop war on any speech that doesn’t align with liberal talking points.

Scarborough stated on the show, “He has to be the dumbest guy in the United States Senate.”

How profound.

Scarborough went on to say that Hawley was a traitor to the Republic and accused Hawley of being the one responsible for the Capitol Police officers death.

“He’s a seditionist. He led an insurrection. He’s responsible for cops being murdered,” said Scarborough.

Scarborough demanded Hawley’s fellow Senators expel him.

“He should be kicked out of the United States Senate,” Scarborough concluded.

Senator Hawley is seen as a very viable candidate for the 2024 Presidential election cycle.

Given that Joe Biden will be 82 in 2024, it is uncertain if he will run again, especially with the very evident decline of his mental state.

So, the Left will wage smear campaigns over the next four years against Republicans like Senator Hawley in a desperate attempt to disqualify them in the eyes of the voters.

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